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Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus spp.)

The black widow is much feared for its bite will send the unlucky person receiving it on a journey of pain.

The B/W is one of the easiest spiders to identify; its black body in sharp contrast to the red hour glass on the underside of its abdomen. They are generally nonaggressive but they will be more aggressive when guarding an egg sac. B/W's build their webs in secluded, protected sites under shrubbery, boards, furniture, debris, inside boxes or even in seldom worn shoes.

The male is smaller than the female, colored differently and does not have her characteristic sphere-shaped abdomen.

Contrary to what most people have heard about the B/W, she does not necessarily eat the male after mating. He may hang around a while and even share in her meals. If he remains too long, she may decide to kill him, but most of the time he understands the story line and moves on.

The B/W may produce from four to nine egg sacs during a summer with each sac containing 15 to 4 eggs. After about 3 days, the spiderlings emerge from the eggs and climb to a high point where they release a strand of silk and balloon off into the wide world on currents of air.


Remove debris that the spiders use to build their web on. Spray directly with nonresidual spray or treat areas with micro-encapsulated products. Retreat in 3 weeks if necessary.

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