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Indianmeal Moths (Plodia interpunctella)

The Indianmeal moth was named by an early American entomologist who found it feeding on cornmeal (Indian meal). It is probably the most encountered pest of stored products found in the home.

Adults have a wingspread (tip to tip) of about 5/8 in. to 3/4 in. Wings are pale gray with outer 2/3 of the wing having a reddish brown hue with a coppery luster.

The female lays 1 to 4 eggs on the food which upon hatching, the larva establishes itself in a crevice of the food material. The larval period lasts 13 to 288 days, depending on temperature and food availability. When the larvae is ready to build its cocoon, it generally goes to a ceiling wall joint and reestablishes itself there. The larvae are surface feeders and generally produce a lot of webbing throughout the infested part of the food. They attack grain products, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, dog food, bird seed. The adults cause no damage.


Good sanitation is of prime importance. Timely removal of spilled foods will help. Tupperware type containers will protect foods. These pests will lay eggs in the folds of packaging, so repackaging foods in plastic bags or containers is helpful.

Non-residual aerosols can be used to kill exposed adults and larvae. After all food debris has been removed from pantry cracks and crevices, an appropriately labeled residual may be applied.

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