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Silverfish (Order Lepidoptera)

Silverfish can be found almost anywhere throughout the house. They tend to roam quite some distance while searching for food, but once they find a satisfactory food source, they remain close to it. Within structures, they can breed in many areas, i.e., wall voids, attic spaces, etc.

They can survive for weeks without food or water. They are rarely found outdoors.

Silverfish are pests of paper, particularly of glazed paper with sizing, wallpaper and wall paper paste, etc. They also eat proteins such as dried beef or leather.

Homes that have asphalt shingles installed directly over wood shingles can be heavily infested. The silverfish will nest between the two roofs and be very difficult to eradicate. Frequent fogging or dusting will help control their populations, but long range control will be elusive.


Many infestations are very localized and environmental modification can be an effective control. Repairing leaking pipes, sealing up cracks & crevices, removal of potential food sources are just some to the beneficial changes that can be employed.

Dusting with contact and residual products will be helpful. Fogging with ULV equipment or canister bombs is helpful in reducing the numbers in heavy infested areas.

For more help with silver fish and other types of Dallas pest control, give All Safe Pest & Termite a call at 972-385-7000, your Dallas pest control company.

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