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Smokey Brown Roach (Periplaneta fuliginosa)

This roach, which is called a "water bug" by many locals or a "tree roach" by people who live in Highland Park is really a cockroach of major proportions.

Adults are 1 to 1-1/4 in. and are brownish-black in color, have wings, can fly and are attracted to light. Instars (juveniles) have distinctive colors, shapes and bear limited resemblance to the adults.

Common habitats are loose mulch, ground ivy, woodpiles, and the soffits/eaves of attics. They can be carried into homes, but usually enter at night via small cracks and crevices where light penetrates to the outside. Once inside, they tend to prefer warm and humid areas that are not exposed to air currents.

They feed on any kind of organic matter and can do minor damage to indoor plants. Primarily a night feeder, it is not uncommon for the homeowner to find them in the kitchen or pet feeding areas in the middle of the night. They can be very prosperous and flourish in huge numbers by feeding on dog droppings left in the yard.


Using an exterior bait, treat the exterior perimeter of the home. Pay careful attention to ground mulches, decks, outdoor structures, large stones, firewood piles, under patio plants, etc. Treat remote harbinger areas as well, for these roaches will travel hundreds of feet.

Interior treatments should include baiting in cracks and crevices, void areas, garages and attic spaces. Sprays can be helpful, but take care not to contaminate any baits that have been used.

For more help with smokey browns and other types of Dallas pest control, give All Safe Pest & Termite a call at 972-385-7000, your Dallas pest control company.

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