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Why choose All-Safe Pest & Termite for your mosquito control company in Dallas TX?

  • More than 25 years servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • Locally owned and family operated
  • We use lower-toxic solutions for extermination purposes
  • We concentrate on stopping your pest problem outside where they come from, not inside where your family or colleagues are
  • We offer a complete money-back guarantee and we solve your problems the first time
  • We keep you informed every step of the way
  • Our clean, well-groomed, uniformed and courteous staff arrive on time and get the job done quickly to get you back to normal

Dallas Mosquito Spraying - The Right Way

Your backyard and patio areas can be your oasis... a place to entertain and enjoy friends, hold family gatherings or to savor the rare moment when your own personal solitude has priority over the rest of the world. Don't let mosquitoes ruin your special event.

These annoying insects not only bite but, are capable of spreading harmful diseases. Their unique high-pitched whine, as they buzz around your head, is almost as aggravating as their bite; except for the fact that the skin piercing and subsequent blood sucking will leave a whelp that will itch for days.

It is easy to have as your objective to "eliminate every last one of those blood suckers." At All-Safe Pest, we caution you not to choose a process that will dump gallons of unnecessary insecticides into your backyard. A misting system, where spray nozzles controlled by a timer, indiscriminately inject chemicals around your yard and patio areas (every morning and evening, seven days a week) is one way to minimize mosquitoes. At a price... not only do the misting systems cost thousands of dollars and inject perhaps 55 gallons of chemical into your yard every 90 days - they never remove a child's toy before spraying nor does the system ever make sure that a pet's dish is out of reach.

The All-Safe Pest Approach To Dallas Mosquito Reduction

Our trained inspector will survey your home to determine the potential for mosquitoes to breed or to create resting sites in your landscape. We'll counsel with you about your environment and then schedule one of our licensed technicians to your home to treat appropriate landscape areas with a special micro-encapsulated product that will provide effective control for about one month.

Mosquitoes take about seven days to complete their life cycle. The first three stages in this cycle are aquatic. Therefore, the best way to prevent mosquito breeding and resultant populations is manage standing water (remove stagnant water). This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

One method is to physically remove the item that has potential to hold stagnant water. We don't have many customers who have old tires laying around in their back yard, but if you do or if you have a neighbor who does, some quick action is appropriate. Also, water should be emptied from items such as plant containers, garden implements, etc. and then covered with lids or inverted to allow draining. Change water in birdbaths, pet dishes and flowerpots on a weekly basis (remember the seven day mosquito life cycle). Small wading pools, toys, etc. should be emptied and stored after each use to prevent water from collecting or becoming stagnant.

When it is not possible to drain or otherwise remove a standing water source, the placement of a larvacide into the water or into an area where water collects may control some mosquitoes before they emerge.

To reduce the populations of adult mosquitoes (only the female adults bites - they need the blood in order to reproduce), an adulticide can be applied to the areas where mosquitoes rest during the day. Generally, these are shady, vegetative areas such as bushes, plants and thick ground cover. We can treat these areas monthly with our special products and drastically minimize the mosquito population for you. High grass in alleyways and nearby un-maintained areas create zones that mosquitoes will use as "staging areas" from which they will plan their missions. Minimizing these raw areas will increase the success rate of any mosquito control program.

Our application of micro-encapsulated products, creating barriers and eliminating resting zones in your yard is one of the more effective and longer lasting methods of mosquito reduction. It readily lends itself to large areas or to small back yards. Years ago it was discovered that by applying a perimeter strip of barrier protection, mosquitoes (while capable of flying over the barrier strip) resisted the treated area within the barrier.

Special Event Control

When quick knock down for short time periods is needed, such as before parties, weddings, picnics or other special occasions, we can treat the area with a powered fogging unit. The discharged low impact aerosol will float into almost every nook and cranny, cleaning out most adult mosquitoes. However, once the aerosol has floated through the area, there is limited residual control. This treatment can be effective for hours to a few days - depending on several factors, including climatic conditions and other parameters which may not be able to be directly controlled by the applicator. It can get you through social events unscathed.

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Call All-Safe Pest for a no obligation inspection and proposal. Mosquito control can be incorporated into our pest and termite programs for added convenience and minimal cost.

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