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German Roach (Blattella germanica)

This is the roach that gave roaches their name. Terribly prolific...a pair can generate over 33,000 offspring in 12 months.

Identified by two black "corporal stripes" behind its head. Adults reach a maximum length of 5/8 in. Instars (juveniles) have different body shapes and bear little resemblance to the adults.

This roach is very common in restaurants, apartments and less privileged neighborhoods. Common ways of introduction are in cardboard boxes, paper grocery sacks, and even in the purses and personal belongings of domestic help.

German roaches can be found throughout structures but usually occur in rooms where people eat. Bathrooms can be also easily infested, in that the roaches find nourishment from particles left on toothbrushes and in sinks.

This roach lives in cracks and crevices but can be seen venturing out for food which is usually at night or they are visible when disturbed by opening drawers or cabinet doors.

Dallas Roach Control and Treatment

Most effective treatment comes from baiting with special gels, granules or dusts. Treatment should be intense & thorough as control must be obtained before population gets totally out of hand. Thirty days of improper treatment and you'll want to call a realtor instead of an exterminator.

Bait placement should be in cabinet corners, cracks, crevices and spaced frequently. This roach doesn't travel far.


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