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The topic of cockroach control is considerable. It starts with learning how to identify cockroaches and continues through the detailed steps needed to drive them out and keep them out. Today, we will take this difficult and complex subject and boil it down into four simple parts. These cockroach facts will help you gain a basic understanding of roaches in order to deal with these pests effectively.


If you'd like to speak to a pest professional about your cockroach concerns or learn about cockroach control in Fort Worth, remember that your All-Safe Pest & Termite team is standing by to assist you. We can provide you with advice or detailed information about service options in Fort Worth.

Distinctive Characteristics Of Cockroaches: How To Identify

If you've never seen a cockroach up close and personal, your first question will be, "What's a cockroach look like?" You can do an image search to see pictures of cockroaches, but believe it or not, these pictures may not give you what you need to identify a cockroach in your home. Why? Because seeing a cockroach in person is a bit different than looking at a picture of one. They're smaller in person, making it hard to see the unique visual characteristics. They also move out of sight as you try to look at them. Plus, there are a lot of insects in the world, and roaches have a few look-alikes out there.


Here are some helpful facts in correctly identifying cockroaches:

  • Cockroaches hatch from their eggs as nymphs. A nymph looks like a smaller version of a grown cockroach. It has six legs and two antennae, and it is an insect. Many other insects start as worms, grubs, caterpillars, maggots, or some other non-insect form. Roaches are insects from the start but lack wings and can be a different color than at the adult stage, depending on the species.
  • Nymphs are the hardest cockroaches to distinguish from other bugs because of their size. Some roach nymphs are so small they can fit through the holes of your wall outlet. You'll have to look closely for the unique visual traits, such as their long antennae and pill-shaped bodies.
  • Nymphs run at the same speed as an adult cockroach, but because of their size, they appear to move much faster. If you see a slow-moving, pill-shaped insect, it may not be a nymph. It might be a beetle.
  • All cockroaches have tiny spines on their legs. They're not the only six-legged critters with leg spines but are more spiny than most.
  • Cockroaches are shiny and oily looking.
  • A cockroach has a low profile—that is to say, it is low to the ground and flat-looking.

You can often distinguish cockroaches by considering other characteristics besides appearance. Roaches leave their excrement on floors, baseboards, ceilings, and surfaces. These droppings look like sticky black pepper. You're likely to find this material if you have roaches in your home. Cockroaches are also highly mobile. They can run across a table, go right over the edge, and run across the bottom without slowing down.

Health Hazards Of Cockroaches: Protecting Your Family

When you find signs of a cockroach infestation, you should know a bit about how cockroaches behave in your home. There is a strong link between health hazards and cockroach prevention. Let's take a quick look at what you can expect from cockroaches inside your Fort Worth home:

  • They're going to get into the trash. Roaches look for decaying organic matter to feed on.
  • They'll get into drains. They like the damp, dark environment and will feed on the sludge there.
  • They'll climb around on your food packages, which can contaminate them.
  • They eat paper and cardboard and can chew holes in food packages, contaminating the food inside.
  • They shed their parts as they move about inside your home. These materials contain allergens. Recent studies reveal an increase in asthma-related hospitalizations from those in homes with cockroach infestations.

The primary issue with cockroaches is that they are unsanitary insects. Increasing sanitation in your home may stunt cockroach population growth and drive certain species out. If you combine sanitation with moisture control, you'll have even more control of infestations.

Preventing Cockroaches: Proactive Household Measures

If you don't have cockroaches in your home yet, getting in front of a cockroach problem is possible. There are many steps you can take that will deter and impede roaches. Some will address the attractants that inspire roaches to explore your exterior. Some deal with the damp, dark places they use to hide from the hot sun. Some address the entry points cockroaches use to enter your home.


Cockroach Attractants

  • Cockroaches can smell decaying meats and other rotting items in your trash. You can address these attractants by using scented bags, removing trash more frequently, keeping your receptacles covered, and washing your containers periodically.
  • Cockroaches will gravitate to a damp foundation perimeter. Clearing out debris from your gutter troughs can reduce perimeter dampness. You can also trim tree canopy and ground vegetation to allow the sun to dry moisture after it rains.
  • Cockroaches eat pet food, so you should feed your pets indoors or only put food down for a short time during meals.
  • Cockroaches will feed on condiments, so make sure to bring food products inside after having a cookout.

Cockroach Hiding Places

  • Cockroaches hide under leaf litter and leaf piles, where it is dark and moist.
  • Cockroaches use man-made objects to shield them from the sun. Pick up any yard clutter.
  • Cockroaches love stacked wood, scraps, construction materials, and junk piles. Store these materials in a bin.
  • Cockroaches love to hide in appliances. Refrain from storing an appliance in your yard. Dispose of it quickly.

Cockroach Entry Points

  • Cockroaches slip under doors. Make sure your sweeps are keeping things sealed up.
  • Cockroaches squeeze past gaps around doors. Check all of your weatherstripping.
  • Cockroaches squeeze into frame voids through the tiniest gaps around door and window frames. Seal these using caulk.
  • Cockroaches can crawl through gaps around pipes. A simple fix is to apply expanding foam. Wear gloves when you do, as expanding foam adheres to the skin.
  • Cockroaches exploit cracks in foundation walls. Apply mortar to patch those cracks.

Now that you know how to keep cockroaches away and some simple ways to prevent them from entering your home, let's look at what the pest management professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite do to eliminate cockroaches inside your house and keep them from returning.

Eliminate Cockroaches In The House: Call In The Experts!

When Fort Worth residents have trouble with cockroaches, they often search the internet for a professional cockroach remedy. There are many suggestions and even more cockroach control products. Some work, some don't, and some only work when applied correctly but fail when applied incorrectly. Cockroach control isn't simple. When you contact All-Safe Pest & Termite, you'll get the results you're looking for. Our technicians use a scientific process to identify, locate, and eliminate these insects:

  • Identification is essential because each species is slightly different. For example, one species may take a certain bait, while another will ignore it completely. Your technician will apply the appropriate bait to address your specific roaches.
  • Your technician will evaluate the conditions present to track where cockroaches are hiding and how they're getting into your home.
  • We use many all-natural methods in our multi-pronged strategy. For example, we use professional-grade materials to seal entry points.
  • When control materials are applied, we select the most trusted products and deploy them according to strict protocols.
  • We track and evaluate the success of your treatment. Cockroaches are sometimes elusive, and your technician will know if they find a way to outsmart the treatment. We use monitoring devices and professional inspection techniques to track cockroach activity.
  • Once the cockroaches are gone, we can keep them out of your home in the future. Our Safe Select Pest Control plan offers ongoing pest control for the exterior of your home. While we manage spider webs, reduce rodent populations, and deal with fire ants, we also provide routine crack and crevice treatments to your exterior to stop insects from invading.

When it comes to dealing with cockroaches, it pays to get expert help. These insects are very unclean, and as they move about your home, they can make you sick. They can also damage your personal belongings as they feed on paper, cardboard, clothing, and other materials that have cellulose.


Do you live here in the Fort Worth area? Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite for local cockroach control. We'll help you get the home pest control and ongoing management you want. Connect with us today by filling out the short form on our Contact Us page. It is a simple and stress-free way to ask questions, learn about service options, get pricing, and get on track to solving your cockroach problems.


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