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Hearing Noises in the Attic or Walls?

Don't let noises keep you up at night or bother you during the day

This could be that some sort of wildlife has selected your home to also be theirs. Typically, it might be rodents, either squirrels or their more socially unacceptable cousins. It’s not uncommon for the intruder to be a clever raccoon or other critter that has adapted to our suburban lifestyle.

Trained Rodent and Wildlife Experts

All-Safe Pest’s team is trained to identify the intruder and the entry points that are being used to gain access to your home. After our free inspection, we’ll make the appropriate recommendations to address the immediate infestation as well as preventing a re-infestation.

Our Rodent and Wildlife Methods

Repairing and sealing the entry points used by wildlife is the best method to prevent re-infestation. The repairs or “exclusions” can be made by a well trained All-Safe team that specializes in wildlife and squirrel control. In some cases trapping and removal of the animal might be necessary.

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Rodent & Wildlife Services

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Customer Testimonials

This company is awesome!! We have an account with them for general pest control with maintenance and they are always there when we need them. We had an issue with roof rats in the past and with one phone call we haven’t had any problems since and it’s been almost a year. I even had an issue with a snake that had gotten tangled up in bird netting in my backyard, one phone call and 15 minutes later they had a guy here to take care of the problem and they didn’t even charge me.

They are just all around good people we will be using them for the years to come. Highly recommended!!!

Bryan W.

Signed up with All-Safe Pest after seeing them rated in our Best of Plano book. My husband and I were impressed with their professionalism and the time they took to explain everything they were doing and the type of chemicals they were (or weren’t using). They have a quick turnaround for getting to your home after requesting service. Great company!

Update 2/29/16 – I continue to be impressed with All-Safe employees. Each person that has come to our home has been extremely professional and friendly. They leave detailed information after every visit so we know what has been done. I highly recommend their services.

Vanessa T.

I have used All Safe in all my houses and our House we rented out! 9 years total!! Just bought a Ranch we remodeled outside of Sunnyvale….tech came out before we moved in in March….met Sammy today for our 3 month Service….he cared so much about our needs explained all he did!!!!

I am not moving again and will never move my Pest Control Service….Ever!!!!! They are the BEST!!!!!!

Sandra W.
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