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Have you ever watched ants? They are remarkable creatures. They work together in complex patterns to find and collect food and do all of this without any form of leadership. The queen doesn't control her colony. Like all the other members of an ant colony, everything she does is a biologically programmed set of behavior patterns. If you understand how ants behave, you can use that knowledge to help you keep them away from your home.


Join us today as we look at the social hierarchy of an ant colony, how ants behave inside your house, how to control them, and how to keep them away permanently. You'll find all kinds of great ideas for ant pest control. But if controlling ants isn't your thing, don't worry. It's our thing. We'd be happy to take care of ants for you. Contact your All-Safe Pest & Termite service team for professional ant removal or management. We can help you with ant control in your yard or home. Reach out to us today for service in Plano, Texas.

Ant Behavior: Social Hierarchy And Communication

In the ant world, it all starts with the mating ritual. In the spring, male and female ants leave their nests and take to the air. Hold on a second. Can ants fly? You bet they can! Male ants and certain females grow wings for the purpose of mating and colony dissemination. After the mating process, the male ants die, and the females tunnel into the ground to start their new nests.


In the heart of the nest, the female creates workers. What do worker ants do? Workers perform a wide range of tasks, none of which require a command or mandate. They follow their biological programming. Here are some of the many astonishing things they do naturally:

  • Workers have low-resolution eyes and must use their sense of touch and smell to navigate and communicate. Since they rely heavily on smell, they can detect a trash receptacle from a distance.
  • Workers frequently bump into and groom each other to detect hazardous materials. They use this behavior pattern to avoid treated areas.
    Certain workers, called scouts, will leave the group and search far and wide for a food source. When they find a food source, they lay down a scented trail as they return to the nest. The other ant workers follow the scent and add to the trail on the way back.
  • Worker ants evaluate food. If a food is hazardous, they will start to avoid it. We call this bait aversion because they use this ability to avoid baits that work too quickly.
  • Workers ants sequester their dead. If you crush an ant, it will release a pheromone scent that attracts the other ants. They will flood into the area to collect the dead ants and investigate the cause. So, if you don't want more ants, don't crush them.

Much of the communication between ants happens by touch and smell. If you understand this, you may use it to your advantage. Here are some suggestions based on the facts you just learned.

  • Wash trash containers and store garbage in scented bags to prevent ant problems.
  • Don't use control materials that ants can detect.
  • Keep your home clean and free of food debris so ants don't find a reason to enter your home in large numbers. If ants invade your home, suck them up with your vacuum and wash down surfaces with soapy water to remove the scented pheromone trails.
  • Select a bait that ants will take and apply it in appropriate amounts and along ant trails for efficacy.
  • Don't use products that eliminate ants on contact. Not only do they attack the symptom and not the source, but they can also invite more ants into your home.

Do you see how you can use ant biology to help you with ant prevention? Now, let's look at why keeping ants out of your home is essential. We'll quickly break down a few general issues that may follow an ant infestation.

The Health Risks Of Ant Infestations

Ants are mostly considered nuisance pests. But there are a few safety concerns you should understand. Most ants will zero in on decaying organic matter, partially because rotting food has a strong odor. Ants aren't picky about what they eat and are not concerned about climbing around in unsanitary environments. The tiny organisms that impact human health do not harm ants. Therefore, ants are considered a vector for human diseases.


An example of bacteria that ants commonly spread to food and surfaces is salmonella. We're sure you've heard of this bacteria. Ants can pick salmonella up and carry it on their feet, legs, and bodies. When they get into stored foods or climb on surfaces and dishes, they can contaminate them.


Fire ants present a unique threat to Plano residents. While they can spread bacteria like other ants, the greatest danger comes from their stingers. While we call them fire ant bites, they are actually fire ant stings causing the pain. These tiny, burning wounds are mostly irritating, but for some individuals, they can trigger an allergic and potentially life-threatening response.

Contact Us To Completely Eliminate An Ant Infestation

Ants problems are common in Plano. Likely, you've already dealt with ants at some point. You may even have a few successes under your belt. But ants can keep coming back over and over again. You may have already experienced this and gone online to learn how to repel ants. If so, you may realize you cannot easily repel ants. They find a way around repellents, and when they do, it is extremely frustrating.

  • If you're tired of having ants enter your home over and over again, contact All-Safe Pest & Termite for long-lasting results. Here are some of the advantages:
  • When we take care of your ant problem, the first thing we do is inspect your home and evaluate the conducive conditions causing your infestation. During this inspection, we identify the ants and select products and methods that are known to control them.
  • When we apply your ant treatment, we target the source. We work to eliminate the colonies so you no longer have ants attempting to invade your space.
    The treatments we apply are comprehensive. We want you to avoid ending up with another round of ants a few weeks after we finish. We make sure to deal with the reason you got ants in the first place. For example, we may seal entry points or apply treatments within outlets and interior voids.
    Outside your home, we may directly treat mounds if necessary. The methods we use are impossible for ants to avoid.

If you want results, it pays to hire a pest control service provider. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we have the experience to outsmart those ants. Keep our number or website handy so that you can connect with us when ants become a problem again. We're the company to call when you have pest control issues in Plano.

Ant Control Maintenance: Keeping Your Home Ant-Free Long-Term

Homeowners frequently call us in to address ant problems after they've gotten out of control—like when they're clinging to a wall and grouped together in a scary-looking mass or climbing all over everything. But you don't have to wait until ants are everywhere. You can get proactive protection for your home right now. Safe Select Pest Control is perfect for ongoing prevention of ant infestations. Here's what you get:

  • When you have Safe Select, you get routine pest control around your home that reduces pests. As we reduce pests, we minimize one of the food sources ants are looking for on your property. They eat insects and bugs, both living and dead.
  • During your routine service visits, we keep watch for pest problems. If we see ant mounds are starting to take over, we quickly address them so those colonies aren't attempting to send ants into your home.
  • During your routine service visits, we apply perimeter treatments. A perimeter treatment keeps ants out of cracks and crevices and works to stop them from entering your home. These routine treatments also help to keep many other pests out of your house.
  • Your service technician is a licensed and experienced professional who will give you valuable information about the conditions on your property to help you manage pests by altering those conditions. We try to address pests naturally and use limited control materials whenever possible.

When you want fast, effective, and guaranteed pest control for your Plano home, you can count on All-Safe Pest & Termite. Contact us today to get started with our Safe Select or Protection Plus Pest & Termite control. Why wait until pests are driving you crazy?


If you're currently dealing with ants and need professional ant control in Plano, it is easy to connect with us. You can call, text, or drop us a message on our contact page for advice. We're here to help you find smart, effective, and eco-friendly solutions to address your pest concerns and provide you with long-lasting and sustainable control.

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