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Termites can seem like mysterious insects. You may know that they can destroy your Dallas property—but know nothing else about them. If you have questions about how much of a threat termites can be to your health, and the health of your property, you've come to the right place. This will be the focus of our discussion today.

Do termites bite?


If you have learned that termites have invaded your home or business by the hundreds of thousands, you may be concerned that those insects could emerge and inflict bites. There are two reasons this won't happen. 1. Termites don't emerge. And 2. Humans aren't made of wood. If you're curious whether or not they have the ability to bite you, the answer is slightly more complex. Worker termites feed on wood, but they do so by scraping on it. Their mouthparts aren't really made for biting. Soldier termites can bite, but their mouthparts are too weak to cause a wound on human skin. So you don't have to fear termites if they've invaded your property. They're not going to take a bite out of you. But they'll definitely take a bite out of your wallet. 

Should I be worried if I've found termites in my property?


This is probably the question we get the most because it is often after termites have been discovered that we're called in to help. This is another complicated question to answer. Here are a few facts to consider:


  • Termites usually infest a structure for years before they are detected. This is because they have a strong aversion to light and also because they cannot tolerate dry conditions.
  • Termites don't feed on one spot. Workers continue to look for food sources even as one is being consumed.
  • Termites have the ability to completely total a man-made structure if given enough time. The question is, "How much time have you given them?"
  • Termites cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion annually.

Is there a way to prevent termite damage?


Yes. Investing in professional termite control can give you 100 percent protection from termite damage. There are two products widely used by licensed termite control professionals. Termidor termiticide treatments and the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. The experts here at All-Safe Pest & Termite use Sentricon® with Alway Active™ because it makes the detection of termite activity a breeze. You can't put a price on being informed that your property was attacked by termites and your investment protected you. This doesn't happen with liquid treatments. With liquid treatments, you won't know when or if your property has benefited from the money you've spent to protect it.

Can I prevent termites on my own?


There are many products available to consumers, including bait systems that promise to work like Sentricon® with Always Active™. Unfortunately, these termite control products do not have the success rate to back up their claims. There have been more than 60 published scientific articles and research conducted by 30 universities to document the efficacy of the Sentricon® System in eliminating termite colonies. It works. And when DIY products fail, you're not likely to know it. Termites are startlingly sneaky insects. You can walk through a structure that is infested by millions of termites and not know it. Don't risk your equity on DIY termite control. It just isn't worth it.

Do termites give warning signs?


Yes. But the signs they give are subtle and difficult to detect.


Shelter Tubes — When subterranean termite workers come up from the ground to feed on your property, they may need to create mud tunnels. These are called shelter tubes or mud tubes. But shelter tubes are usually established in very dark places, such as under a deck, porch, patio, exterior stairs, or in a crawl space. Termite control technicians have found these tubes inside concrete piers within dark crawl spaces, and no visible sign of termites anywhere else. Don't count on seeing these tubes on your property.


Swarmers — When a termite colony matures, it begins to produce winged reproductives. These are called swarmers. If you see these tiny, dark-colored insects with their long white wings grouped together, you'll notice them. You'll also notice them if they emerge inside your property. But most of the time, they emerge outside and disperse within 30 minutes.

How To Protect Your Dallas Property


All-Safe Pest & Termite can provide the protection you need to make sure sneaky termites don't surprise you with costly repairs. Contact us today and speak with one of our certified termite control professionals. There is no better way to safeguard your equity and retain the investment you've put into your property.

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