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Ant Protection From The Professionals At All-Safe Pest & Termite 

When the summer starts heating up, ants in Texas start waking up and looking for new ground to settle, leaving thousands of homes across DFW & Houston area covered in big ant hills and their families at risk of bites or stings. Ants in the yard can quickly become ants in the home if you don’t take steps to stop them.


All-Safe's ant control treatments are an excellent way to remove an existing ant presence from around your yard and help keep it protected from ants for the foreseeable future.

How Our Ant Control Treatments Work


Ant treatment from All-Safe follows a proven three-step process in order to assess your home’s level of ant infestation and treat the problem thoroughly. 


After you contact us about ant treatment and inform us of what your home is currently experiencing, we’ll send a technician out to inspect the property for any signs of ants or conducive conditions they could thrive in. 


Your technician will inspect the property thoroughly, looking around the exterior of the yard for any ant activity. This includes looking under tree roots, in grassy areas, near exterior furniture, etc. We work hard at locating all of the nests during the initial inspection to ensure that all of them get treated effectively, ensuring that the problem doesn’t simply reappear.


Your technician will treat all ant colonies on the property with a liquid residual product that kills the ants inside. They will also lay ant bait as a preventive measure for any ants that should enter the area in the future. During the warmer months, we will also use fire ant bait to give you longer-term protection against these particularly problematic pests.


After treating your home, we’ll work with you to make sure ants never become a problem again. We’ll recommend specific strategies you can use to make your home less appealing to ants and less susceptible to their break-ins. Along with continuing ant protection, ants in your home will become a thing of the past.

Multi-Queen Colonies

Treating multi-queen colonies presents a challenge in that even if you kill one queen, failing to kill the other(s) means that the infestation can reappear quickly as the ants recover their numbers.


To counter these difficult pests, we use non-repellant baits to treat, meaning that ants will not recognize the bait as dangerous and will take it back to the colony as food. As the ants go about their everyday business, the materials will be ingested and spread throughout the colony, slowly but surely eliminating the entire colony at once. While this process is slower, it is extremely thorough and effective.

Why Trust All-Safe For Your Ant Control Needs

If ants are giving you issues, get rid of them today with help from All-Safe Pest & Termite. Whether individual ant services or as part of one of our ongoing pest management plans, we have the tools and pest experience needed to identify and exterminate ants from the premises. Contact us today and take back your home!

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