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How To Get Rid Of Springtails In Woodlands

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A springtail on a tile floor.

There are many pests in Woodlands that are rather recognizable to most residents. Pests like spiders, ants, and flies are easy to notice, but some other pests in the area are a bit stranger and less familiar. Springtails are one species of these weird insects. Find out how to identify springtails in your Woodlands home or business and get some tips on preventing them in this guide.

What Do Springtails Look Like?

These pests are a black color usually and have an oval body shape with segments. They have six legs and rather long antennae in proportion to their bodies. You can also identify springtails by their jumping action that is especially noticeable against a snowy backdrop. These small bugs are sometimes known as snow fleas because they are active throughout the wintertime. They can walk and jump around on snow and ice, but they aren’t actually fleas despite this nickname. The fact that they aren’t fleas is good news for property owners. Flea infestations are itchy and potentially dangerous for pets, but springtails, on the other hand, don’t bite. They also aren’t known to spread any diseases.

Are There Any Risks Of Springtail Infestations?

Springtails are mostly just considered nuisance pests since they aren’t known to be dangerous. The main issue with these pests is that they are invasive and rather hard to get rid of, which can be especially frustrating. Most people don't expect to have to deal with pests in the winter, but springtails are a big exception to this.

Five Springtail Prevention Tips

Springtails are annoying to deal with, and even if they aren’t going to spread diseases or bite you, they still aren’t fun to find. In order to keep springtails away, there are some effective preventive measures you can take against them. Here are some tips to follow:

Tip One: If you do find any springtails inside your home or business, vacuum them up and throw the bag away outside. It’s also a good idea to vacuum carpets often. Then, make sure to keep hard flooring swept and mopped regularly.

Tip Two: Make it more difficult for springtails to get inside by sealing gaps in plumbing pipes and electrical wires where they enter your home. Check around exterior walls and the foundation and seal up holes and cracks with caulk and insulation. You can also repair broken screens and install door sweeps and weatherstripping.

Tip Three: Clean up around your yard. Remove organic debris such as leaf piles, branches, woodpiles, and more.

Tip Four: Reduce humidity from around the property by clearing gutters, using dehumidifiers, and getting rid of water and damaged wood.

Tip Five: Contact pest control experts in the area for assistance in removing and preventing these pests.

How To Remove Springtails Easily

In order to efficiently keep springtails and any other pest off your property, give the pest control experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite a call. Our technicians can handle these strange pests if you already have them around, and we can also offer prevention assistance. To get started, just give us a call or send a message online. You can request a quote or schedule an inspection.

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