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Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control For Your Fort Worth Lawn

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No one likes to have mosquitoes flying around and biting them. These nasty, flying insects are known for the itchy bites they leave behind. But, while mosquitoes and their bites are annoying, they are more than just nuisance pests.

You can identify mosquitoes by the long, skinny appendage that the females use to suck blood. They have six, thin legs that give them a gangly appearance. Most species are usually a dark grey color although their exact markings and coloring can vary.

Mosquitoes are actually considered one of the deadliest animals in the world. This is because they act as carriers for many diseases, and they spread these pathogens from host to host. Mosquitoes are known to carry many of the worst illnesses known to humankind such as malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and dengue fever.

While mosquitoes in Fort Worth, Texas are dangerous and frustrating to find around your yard, this guide will provide all the information you need to know about effective mosquito control.

Can Homeowners Control Mosquitoes On Their Own?

Some homeowners choose to try to reduce and remove mosquitoes around their property using DIY methods, but not all of these options are as effective as others.

The most effective ways to reduce mosquito populations involve getting rid of the factors that attract them in the first place, such as access to water sources and excess foliage.

  • Removing standing water from your property.
  • Cleaning out gutters to ensure rainfall can drain properly.
  • Trimming hedges, bushes, and trees around the lawn.

But, many other chemical products homeowners buy, such as citronella candles, torches, and many mosquito sprays, just don’t work very well. While they might deter mosquitoes from biting you for a brief time, they don’t address or remove mosquito populations.

Why Professional Mosquito Control Is Best

Instead of trying to get rid of mosquitoes on your own with little to no success, the most effective and safest way to handle these dangerous pests is to get help from the professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite.

Our mosquito control services will drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. We provide both one-time and ongoing mosquito control programs. Our technicians can use a combination of backpack misting and the In2Care System.

Backpack misting involves our team going around your property to apply chemicals around bushes, shrubs, and other mosquito breeding areas. We can also install and provide regular maintenance on the In2Care mosquito trap system that attracts adult mosquitoes and uses green ingredients to get rid of them.

We will work with you to ensure the plan you choose fits your particular needs and your budget. Unfortunately, some areas of Fort Worth deal with more mosquitoes than others because of things like proximity to lakes or ponds. We can reduce the number of mosquitoes effectively, even in those high population areas.

Contact Us Today To Learn More

Instead of letting these disease-filled pests put you and your family at risk, let our team provide the reliable, effective mosquito control services you can count on. The more mosquitoes you have around the more likely you are to get bitten and face potentially dangerous illnesses. So, it’s especially important to get help from the experts when it comes to these pests.

Find out more about our residential pest control options, and request a free estimate, by calling us at (972) 945-9226 or booking an appointment online.

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