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Let's Talk About Fly Control In Frisco

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Information from the Texas Parks and Wildlife states that insects comprise approximately half of the animals that inhabit the earth. More than an estimated one million different insect species exist, with more than 100,000 types found throughout the U.S. Texas is home to as many or more various kinds of insects as any other U.S. state.

From the order Diptera, flies constitute approximately 13% of the insect population. Two-wing flies exist in many types, including gnats, crane flies, mosquitoes, midges, deer flies, and house flies. Flies have an additional pair of wing-like structures known as halteres, which primarily help stabilize these creatures during flight. Flies have mouthparts that may pierce, suck, chew, and more, depending on the species.

Are flies seemingly found all throughout your home? Consider retaining the services of a provider of local pest control solutions. A well-trained and properly equipped Frisco pest control professional knows how to get rid of little flies in houses and understands what deters flies from returning to the premises.

Common Types Of Flies That Invade Frisco Homes

What are some of the different types of flies that commonly enter homes in this region? Blow flies or bottle flies (Calliphora sp.) are a comparatively larger type of fly often encountered indoors that makes a buzzing sound. Some individuals describe the appearance of blowflies as metallic, in shades of blue, green, or black.

The common house fly (Musca domestica) usually measures less than ¼ of an inch and has translucent wings and a series of dark stripes on the thorax.  Before reaching adulthood, house flies exist in a larval state as a whitish maggot.

The most common species of fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) are very small creatures that measure roughly 1/8 of an inch. Most often encountered in kitchen areas, types of produce attract fruit flies. Although more difficult to see with the naked eye, they often appear in shades of tan or brown with red or black eyes and clear wings.

What gets rid of fruit flies? Aptly named for their attraction to fruit, people often purchase fruit from grocers that contain their eggs. Eliminating fruit flies requires eliminating their breeding sites, which might include trash cans, containers holding recyclables, mops or mop buckets, and drains.  

Why Flies In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Flies are more than simply nuisance pests. They can contaminate food and carry pathogens. For example, experts associate certain types of flies with typhoid fever, tularemia, and other potential health risks.

Six Simple Yet Effective Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home

What are some of the best preventative measures that homeowners should consider? The following tips often prove helpful in preventing these pests:

  1. Those with dogs should promptly remove pet waste from their yard, as flies lay eggs on excrement.
  2. Some herbs and flowers may help repel flies, such as basil, lavender, and marigold. 
  3. Turn off bright outdoor lights near entryways, when possible, which often attract many flying pests.
  4. Closely inspect the exterior of the structure and remedy any potential points of entry among the windows, screens, or doors.
  5. Trash bags placed outdoors should remain in sealed garbage receptacles. 
  6. Limit attractants by adopting excellent cleaning habits—particularly in kitchen areas.

In general, adopting a comprehensive plan that involves limiting access to food or trash, employing exclusionary measures that physically impede indoor access, and keeping exterior areas of the property well-maintained will yield the best results.

Does citronella repel flies? As an essential oil derived from a grassy Asian plant in the Cymbopogon genus, research suggests that citronella oil deters various types of flying insects.

The Best Way To Keep The Flies Out Of Your Home

How do you get rid of flies if you live in the Frisco area? Look no further than All-Safe Pest & Termite, a full-service provider of home pest control solutions for customers in this region.

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