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Why Professional Cockroach Control Is the Way to Go for Dallas Properties

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cockroach near shower drain

Once a cockroach infestation starts on your property, it can be practically impossible to remove the problem by yourself thoroughly. Professional cockroach control is the best way to keep your property safe from this troublesome pest.

Cockroaches in the Dallas Area

There are several cockroaches common to the Dallas area that you should keep an eye out for. It is important to note that each species is particularly formidable, as they can survive in virtually any location or temperature, including below-freezing areas. They also have a high reproductive capability, can live without food for up to a month, and may live up to a week without a head.

  • American Cockroach: The largest cockroach species in the area, this pest can grow over two inches in length and has a reddish-brown body. They also spot a yellowish figure-eight pattern on their back.
  • Australian Cockroach: This roach appears similar to the American cockroach but will only grow to a maximum of one and a half inches long. It also has two yellowish bands on the wings.
  • Smoky Brown Cockroach: This cockroach has a dark mahogany brownish-colored body and is known for flying short distances. They are also highly attracted to outdoor lights.
  • Oriental Cockroach: This roach prefers to live in moist areas, such as drainpipes or sewers. They have dark, smooth bodies.
  • German Cockroach: One of the most common cockroaches in the area, this roach has a light brown or tannish-colored body and is relatively small. It also sports two black stripes just behind its head.

How Do Cockroaches Get In And How Can I Get Rid Of Them

Cockroaches can get inside your property in many different ways. They will seek entrance via gaps or cracks in your home or business windows, doors, foundation, or roof and are intensely drawn to the aroma of trash or food. This is why it is so important to properly seal up all food waste and trash around your property and why you should clean up food or liquid spills as soon as possible.

It is challenging to keep cockroaches out of your property due to their small size and quick-moving nature. Once cockroaches are inside, they will multiply rapidly and tend to hide out in unreachable areas, making permanent elimination of the infestation difficult to achieve by yourself.

Why Does Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Not Do The Job What’s more, is that DIY methods of removing cockroaches often fail. These methods are not enough to entirely remove the source of a roach infestation and may result in the cockroaches returning in full force. Additionally, cockroaches in the Dallas area have become immune to many over-the-counter (OTC) pest control products you may use, which presents a risk of spending lots of money with no actual pest removal results.

Guaranteed Cockroach Removal

As cockroaches live in your home, they run the risk of spreading disease thanks to the bacteria-laden areas they run through before entering your home. They may also contaminate food and food storage areas, leading to an increased risk of illness and can trigger asthma or respiratory issues in specific individuals.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of cockroaches is with professional assistance. The experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite can fully evaluate any roach problem you have and present you with targeted, effective solutions so you can get your Dallas property back to being safe and pest-free in no time.

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