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A Comprehensive Guide To Silverfish Control In Frisco

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silverfish on bathroom sink

There are very few pests out there that homeowners haven’t had to deal with at one time or another. One common pest that invades homes in Frisco is the silverfish. Silverfish are insects that look like, you guessed it, fish. These pesky silver-colored insects can be quite the nuisance in your home and make your house feel quite unclean.

In this blog, we give you some helpful information on what a silverfish actually is, why it’s a problem to have them in your home, how you might be attracting them, and how to get rid of them with pest control in Frisco.

What Is This Little Silver Bug?

Silverfish are, first and foremost, insects. They range in size from about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long, so they are quite small and sometimes hard to spot. As their name suggests, they have a silver-brownish body and are long and narrow, like a fish. They also have six legs, antennae, and three long bristles on their rear ends. Silverfish do not have wings. These little silver bugs gravitate to moisture and humidity and are common in bathrooms, attics, basements, and other areas where moisture tends to collect.

The Issue With Silverfish Creeping Around Your Home

Unlike some pests, silverfish don’t pose a major health risk, nor are they insects that bite. The issue with silverfish creeping around your home is that they are known to feed on fabric and paper and can really cause severe damage to your valuables. Typical silverfish damage may include chewed-up important papers and photos, destroyed books and clothing, and even frayed draperies and upholstery. Oats and flour are also silverfish food. If silverfish get into your pantry and raid your oats and flour, you must throw them away, sometimes costing you a significant amount of money. Storing important documents, old family photos, heirlooms, and books in your attic or basement is probably not the best thing to do if you have a silverfish problem. They will likely find their way in and cause significant damage.

Factors That Attract Silverfish Into Your Home

Having silverfish in your home is likely not a random thing. Something in your house is attracting them. Some factors that could lure silverfish to your home include:

  • Leaks from faulty pipes.
  • Humid areas in your home, such as the attic or basement.
  • Books and clothing in moisture-prone areas of your house.
  • Oats and flour that are not in containers with tight-fitted lids.

Look out for these factors around your home and eliminate them as soon as possible to avoid a silverfish infestation.

How Can I Stop Silverfish From Getting Into My Home?

There are some ways you can stop silverfish from getting into your house. These preventative steps include getting rid of any moisture buildup in your home by sealing up any cracks and crevices, fixing broken pipes and drains, and using dehumidifiers around humid areas of your house. Silverfish habitat requires a good deal of moisture. Eliminating this factor will force them to seek other dwelling places, pushing them out of your home. Another way to stop silverfish is to properly store old photos, documents, and clothing in bins with tight lids, especially in humid areas. This same concept applies to oats and flour in your kitchen, as they are also attracted to these things. Finally, hire a professional silverfish pest control company like All-Safe Pest & Termite to get rid of silverfish for good. At All-Safe Pest & Termite - Houston, we have ample experience and knowledge of pests like silverfish and understand how to take care of them properly.

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