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Seven Simple Yet Effective Fly Control Tips For Fort Worth, TX Homes

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Nothing ruins a family dinner faster than a bunch of flies. These small pests are notorious for how annoying they are and the way they regularly get into homes. Our question for you today is, what are you doing to combat flies around your Fort Worth home? If your answer is, “Not much," then we are here to help with these seven simple yet effective fly control tips.

Tip One: Keep Things Clean

From rotting animal carcasses to chocolate cake, flies will eat just about anything. One way to reduce the amount of food these pests have access to inside your home is to keep things clean. To do this, we recommend mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming your floors and wiping down counter tops every few days, washing beneath refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers once a week, and doing a deep clean of your entire home once every season. In addition to this, do your best to clean up food messes and drink spills as they occur around your home.

Tip Two: Store Food Properly

Flies do not just eat things that have been dropped on floors. These pests will eat food off of people’s plates and left-out things like fruits, veggies, cookies, and candy. In order to limit their access to these things, cover food meant for guests like cookies and candy, store leftovers inside air-tight containers, and store your fruits and vegetables inside your refrigerator or inside covered containers.

Tip Three: Make Sure Your Trash Is Safe

Another thing flies love to consume is trash. To make sure these pests aren’t living off your garbage, invest in tight-fitting lids for your home’s trash cans. In addition to this, use a liner to keep cans clean and wash them as they get dirty.

Tip Four: Address Moisture Problems

All flies need a small amount of moisture to survive. Some need more than others. To address moisture issues around your home, fix leaky piping and fixtures, use a dehumidifier on especially humid days, make sure your gutters are working properly, and eliminate sources of water build-up inside sinks, bathtubs, and other areas that regularly get wet.

Tip Five: Seal Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s exterior is your first line of defense against invasive flies. To make sure it is sealed properly, use these exclusion tips.

  • Check your home’s exterior for gaps, cracks, and openings. Seal these entry points using a caulking gun.
  • Repair damage to screening around your home and make sure screens are installed properly.
  • If your exterior doors do not already have door sweeps, invest in some.
  • Make sure your home’s weatherstripping is installed properly and is in good repair.
  • When they are not in use, keep un-screened windows and doors closed.

Tip Six: Clean Up After Your Pets

Pets often make messes. These messes are edible to hungry flies. To remedy this, clean your pet’s food and water bowls and the area around them after they finish a meal, vacuum up treat crumbs after snack time, and address other messes they make as they occur around your home.

Tip Seven: Hire A Professional

If you do not have time to prevent flies on your own or are looking for a way to effectively keep these pests out year-round, call a professional. For home pest control services you can trust, at affordable rates, look no further than All-Safe Pest & Termite. We will evaluate pest pressures around your home and property and suggest a detailed response to keep you and your home protected. Contact us today with questions and schedule your Forth Worth home for a visit.

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