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What To Do About Rodents Living Inside Your Houston Home

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Are rodents living inside your Houston home? If so, how long have they been there? If these furry pests have been calling your interior spaces home for more than a month, you could have a huge problem on your hands. Here are some things to think about concerning the rodents in Houston and some of the problems these pests cause when they get indoors. If you would rather not think about rodents but instead find a quick solution to get them out of your home, call us. We will answer the questions you have about our Houston pest control options and schedule your property for a rodent inspection. 

What Kinds Of Animals Can Be Classified As Rodents?

Which one of these three creatures do you think is a rodent: a beaver, a prairie dog, or a mouse? If you answered, a mouse, you would be right, but only partially right. All three of these creatures fall under the classification of rodent. Why? Because of their sharp, gnawing teeth. This is the main feature that sets rodents apart from other furry creatures. Beavers use their sharp teeth to gnaw down trees, squirrels use theirs to break open hard nuts, and inside homes, rats and mice use their teeth to chew holes through walls and into food boxes. The good news is that most rodents that live in our area have no intention of invading your home. It is only small rodents like mice, rats, and sometimes squirrels that cause trouble indoors.

I See Some Gnaw Marks On My Food Packages. Could That Be From Rodents?

When rodents invade homes, they go out of their way to find food, moisture, and shelter. One way they do this is by using their teeth. Rats and mice will use their teeth to gnaw holes through walls, food packages, and other objects that are between them and something they want. Rodents will sometimes chew through utility piping and electrical wires thinking that it will provide easier mobility through wall/ceiling voids. It is also common for wild rodents to tear up insulation, fabrics, and paper to gather materials for their nests. If you see any of this damage inside your home, there is a good chance that rodents are the cause.

Does Rodent Control Differ For Different Types Of Rodents?

There are many different forms of rodent control. Some methods involve traps and baits, others utilize rodenticides. The type of treatment experts will use for your home’s rodent problem will depend on a few things, including whether humane rodent control is requested, and the professional's experience dealing with these invasive pests. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we use exterior bait stations to draw rodents out of homes. Once we know your infestation is gone, we will then seal gaps, holes, and other entry points around your home’s exterior. This goes a long way to preventing future infestations. It is also very humane and doesn’t leave dead rodents inside your walls, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. 

What Can I Do About The Rodents In My Houston Home?

Regardless of what types of rodents are giving you trouble, we have a solution to your problem at All-Safe Pest & Termite. Our team works hard to ensure members of our community have affordable options to combat invasive pests like rodents. Let us come and inspect your home today for a rodent problem. We will identify where your problems are coming from and implement a fast-working treatment plan to get these pests out.

Call now if you have questions about Houston pest control or if you need to schedule your home and property for a rodent control visit.

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