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How To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Plano Yard

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Other than spiders, scorpions are probably the pest that people fear discovering in their homes. Scorpions in Plano are never a welcome sight, and some are dangerous. They have a large stinger that can inject venom, and they are a relative of the spider; all are arachnids. If you’re looking to prevent scorpions from coming around your yard, this guide is here to help. We provide information on avoiding scorpions, including where to find Plano pest control assistance.

While there are other species of scorpions found in the United States, the only one commonly found in the Plano area is the striped bark scorpion. This species is relatively small as it only grows around two or three inches long. They are a yellowish-brown color, and they have dark stripes running down their backs.

One of the reasons why these scorpions in Plano thrive where other species do not is that they prefer damp environments. While you might associate scorpions only with arid deserts, striped bark scorpions prefer areas that have more humidity. So, this means they often seek out sites that provide dark, damp places to hide, such as under leaves and mulch or in dark basements if they get inside.

The Problem With Scorpions Hiding Around Your Yard

Unfortunately, striped bark scorpions can be somewhat dangerous. They do have venom, and people who are allergic to scorpion stings can end up with severe reactions. However, sometimes even people who aren’t allergic could still have some medical issues. Children and the elderly are also at a higher risk of having adverse reactions. 

Striped bark scorpions can also be hard to identify at first because they will try to hide out of the way. They are usually found in dark places, and you might not notice that they are in woodpiles or under tree bark until you’ve been stung. If you are stung, it’s best to contact a medical professional for advice. 

Natural And Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips

The best way to get effective scorpion control throughout the year is to contact the pest control professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite, but there are also some things you can do on your own to prevent scorpions. Here are steps you should follow:

  • Remove clutter from around the yard, such as rock and woodpiles, grass clippings, and dead leaves.
  • Keep firewood stored at least 30 feet away from the exterior of your home.
  • Try to keep insect prey at bay by getting lids for garbage cans and keeping the house free of food and drink spills.
  • Reduce moisture issues by repairing leaky plumbing and removing standing water from the property.
  • Make it more difficult for scorpions to get inside by installing door sweeps and weather stripping.

The Secret To Total Scorpion Control For Your Plano Yard

Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite for complete scorpion control services if you've seen scorpions around your yard. We can address existing scorpion problems and then provide pest control treatment to deter them. Find out more about how to protect your property from these problematic pests by giving us a call today.

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