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Pest Spotlight: Scorpion Control In Houston

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Scorpions are a common problem for Houston homeowners. While they aren't usually harmful if left alone outside, no one wants a scorpion in their home. Scorpion stings can be very painful and, in rare cases, potentially even fatal. Knowledge is often the first step to prevention, so this article will help you understand how to tell if you have scorpions in your home, how they get inside in the first place, and what you can do to keep them away. All-Safe Pest & Termite is the best Houston pest control company in the area, and we want to make sure you know how to handle these pests.

How To Tell If You Have A Scorpion Problem

If scorpions in Houston are regularly finding their way into your house, you have a scorpion problem. But scorpions aren't always easy to spot, as they are nocturnal and prefer to hide. Nevertheless, seeing living or dead scorpions around your home is the easiest way to identify a possible infestation. While there are many different types of scorpions in the Houston area, all scorpions share some characteristics. Scorpions are considered arachnids, like ticks and spiders. They come in various colors, including shades of yellowish-brown, tan, and black. They have four pairs of legs and two large segmented pincers on the front of their bodies. They are usually between two and four inches long, with long tails and a stinger at the end of them. Scorpions will not usually sting humans unless they feel threatened. While most scorpion stings are comparable to that of a bee or hornet, there are some, such as the Arizona bark scorpion, whose sting is known to be fatal in some cases. Luckily, this type of scorpion is not in Texas. Next, let's look at what attracts scorpions to your house.

Why And How Scorpions Find Their Way Inside

How do scorpions get inside your home in the first place? Common entry points include ground-level gaps or openings in your home's exterior, such as holes in the foundation, under doors, and through water and utility lines. They may also get inside by riding in boxes, firewood, or potted plants. Food sources like spiders, cockroaches, and mice typically attract scorpions. They prefer hiding places that will allow them to remain undisturbed. Now that we've covered what attracts scorpions into your home, we'll examine the answers for how to keep scorpions away.

Simple And Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips For Around Your Home

Scorpions can be quite a nuisance, but if you know how to keep scorpions out of your Houston home, you'll likely avoid the hassle of dealing with them. Here are some simple scorpion prevention tips:

  • Check basements and garages frequently.
  • Inspect boxes, firewood, and potted plants before bringing them inside.
  • Make sure to seal up any gaps under doors or ground-level windows.
  • Examine the exterior of your home for openings and seal them.

These tips are good for keeping scorpions out, but how do you get rid of scorpions once they are in your house? It's best to leave scorpion removal in the hands of experts who know how to do it safely and effectively.

The Most Effective Scorpion Control For Your House

The best kind of scorpion control in Houston comes from professionals, and the biggest professional name in Houston pest control is All-Safe Pest & Termite. We are certified members of the National Pest Management Association, the Texas Pest Control Association, and the Greater Dallas Pest Control Association. Our customers have come to rely on us to provide the best, most efficient services in the Houston area. We strive to meet each customer's unique needs and guarantee the effectiveness of our services. Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Houston.

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