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How Dangerous Is It To Have Wasps On My Frisco Property?

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Wasps are one of the Frisco pests that place you and your guests in immediate danger. In addition to putting a hamper on your picnic, wasps pose a threat to anyone in the vicinity. Learn more about the risks associated with wasps and what you can do to keep them away from your property.

Which Wasps Live In Frisco?

Although all of the wasp species in Frisco are unique, they all share the ability to harm you. For instance, cicada killers are large red, black, and yellow wasps. They are known for their tendency to prey on cicadas but sting humans when they feel threatened. When they do sting, cicada killers inflict severe pain. Meanwhile, yellow jackets aren't nearly as large as the cicada killers. However, they are similar to the pests in their yellow and black coloration. In the fall, these wasps can become highly aggressive. Mud daubers are also large wasps, but they build mud nests on the side of buildings and are usually black or metallic blue in color. Easily identified by their paper-like nests, paper wasps can also deliver a painful sting. They have pinched waists that seem to dangle as they fly through the air. With gray wings and brown or black bodies, these wasps tend to have a somewhat painful sting.

The Problem With Frisco Wasps

Wasps are essential insects that assist with pollination and keeping the population of other insects down. Without wasps, the environment would be imbalanced and suffer. But that doesn't mean you want wasps in your Frisco yard. There are several problems with having wasps on your property. While wasps aren't out to get you, they are protective of their nests. If you accidentally or intentionally disturb a nest, you can expect the wasps to attack. Wasps can sting multiple times, and you may experience stings from many wasps. Children are particularly in danger when. Wasps are around, as they might not know to be wary of nests.

Wasp Stings

The biggest problem with wasps is their ability to sting. When a wasp stings, it injects you with venom. The venom might not be potent enough to send you to the hospital, but it is painful. Although the pain of a sting varies by wasp species, all wasp stings hurt. You may experience swelling, burning, and itching. If you have an allergy to wasp venom, you can expect even worse to occur. Typically, people with severe allergies experience anaphylaxis. The potentially fatal condition requires a trip to the hospital. And the more you get stung, the more likely you are to have an adverse reaction to wasp venom. When young children and the elderly are on your property, they're even more susceptible to bad reactions from wasp stings. It's crucial to protect your property, or you could end up with a severe medical emergency on your hands. Even your pets are in danger from wasps. You can never be sure how your pet will react to a wasp sting. If you don't want them or anyone else on your property to suffer, you should learn how to keep wasps away.

Wasp Prevention In Frisco

To keep wasps from taking over your property, you can take a few precautionary measures. For one, trim your hedges to take away nesting areas for some wasp species. You should also avoid having flowering plants too close to your home, or wasps may end up getting close. Another way to deter wasps is to store your garbage in sealed containers. But the best preventative measure is to call All-Safe Pest & Termite. If you find a nest on your property or want prevention assistance, contact us ASAP.

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