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Frisco Property Owners' Complete Guide To Wolf Spiders

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a wolf spider crawling on a rock

It’s perfectly comprehensible why pests scare and worry people. First of all, they are unsightly. At a minimum, they can be quite agitating. The majority can easily trigger and bring about distress. For instance, many bugs will inhabit or wreck personal belongings, like mattresses or clothes. They can also make you ill with their countless germs or transmission of disease. Several species are known for destroying whole homes and businesses in Frisco. It only becomes worse if the insect or creature reproduces quickly or is challenging to get out.

Spiders can upset and bother people because of their creepy looks, even creepier movements, and sticky webbing. The reality that they have venom inside of their bodies makes them doubly alarming. On top of that, some are extremely dangerous medically. In any event, no one wants them around. Learn now about the wolf spider class, and how you can block them with All-Safe Pest & Termite.

How Do Wolf Spiders Look And Behave? What Are The Hazards?

Wolf spiders are usually a little over an inch long. Yellow markings adorn their black, gray, or brown bodies. Given that they’re so hairy, folks often think they’re a tarantula or a brown recluse. They’re much thicker and have shorter legs, though. Typical for a spider, they have many eyes and eight legs. 

Since they flourish around organic matter, wolf spiders favor the outdoors and natural settings. They are rampant in woody, grassy, or leafy locations. You’ll find legions of them near the riverbanks, meadows, and sandy areas too. When in a residential space, they will get comfortable in an unkempt yard or garden. They’ll damage land by forging burrows in the dirt and they don’t spin webs.

While it’s unlikely for a wolf spider to enter a home or business, they won’t hesitate to during cool weather. A shortage of food will also send them toward your place. These critters will find a crack or crevice near windows, doors, and foundations and slide in. They’re liable to settle there, if not in a plant, basement, or garage. Plain and simple, you have an infestation if you see a wolf spider. Other things you should know about wolf spiders are: 

  • Bites are rare because they shy away from humans. If they get you, it might be painful.
  • Their bites aren’t life-threatening.
  • They don’t ruin property or spread disease.
  • They are most active at night.
  • They run very fast.
  • They consume other bugs, so you might have a general pest problem.
  • There are several species of wolf spiders. 

How Can You Prevent Wolf Spiders?

Wolf spiders may appear more intimidating than they actually are, but that doesn’t mean they are welcome. In order to ward them off, you may need to take many of the same actions you would for their prey:

  • Cut down on clutter to keep from providing nice hiding spots.
  • Trim your grass, plants, and shrubs on a regular basis.
  • Place greenery and piles of wood two feet or more from exterior doors.
  • Use airtight canisters for food and trash storage.
  • Fix plumbing issues, leaks, and other moisture faults.
  • Seal gaps around foundations, doors, and windows.
  • Ensure that door sweeps and window screens are intact.
  • Call All-Safe Pest & Termite if you have critters that spiders eat, like flies and ants.

What Can All-Safe Pest & Termite Do About Wolf Spiders?

All-Safe Pest & Termite has become the largest pest control company around because we offer quality comprehensive solutions. Our eco-friendly and low-toxicity treatments will exterminate spiders and other critters without putting you at risk. Pets and vegetation will be kept safe too. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified. Don’t fret about the cost, because our plans are wallet-friendly. Start by calling us today and receiving a free quote for your Frisco home!

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