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How To Keep Grain Beetles Out Of Your Plano Pantry

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close up view of a grain beetle in a pantry

Food is one of our most valuable resources, naturally. We need it to survive. The condition it is in is important. No one wants to eat rotting vegetables or spoiled yogurt. In the same way, it is not pleasant to eat food with bugs crawling around inside of it. If you prefer your stored foods to be bug-free, you should take some time today to learn about grain beetles. These pantry pests regularly invade food products, causing Plano property owners loads of problems. To help you keep these pests out of your home or business, here are some things you should know.

What Is A Grain Beetle?

A grain beetle is an insect common in our area that is known for its invasive behaviors and the way it gets into stored food products. Identify this pest by its 2.5 to 3mm long, reddish-brown, flat body, and the two segmented antennae that protrude from its head. Sawtoothed grain beetles, a common breed of this pest, have saw-like projections on each side of their head.

One thing that sets grain beetles apart from most other pests is the way in which they reproduce. In order to provide nutrients to their young after they hatch, eggs are laid near sources of food. The best place for this is inside a box of stored dry food such as cereal, beans, rice, or pet food. This is where grain beetles become a serious problem.

How Grain Beetles Get Into Homes & Businesses

There are two ways that grain beetles enter into homes and businesses, one involves your help. Let us explain. The first way grain beetles get inside is by crawling inside through gaps, cracks, and other openings in the exterior of buildings. These entry points pop up, over time, as a result of general wear and tear. The second way grain beetles get inside is by hiding their eggs inside stored food products. This is where you come in. The next time you are purchasing food from the store, consider that not all boxes contain just food. This is the first step in keeping these pests off your property.

The Dangers Grain Beetles Pose

Thankfully, grain beetles, in and of themselves, are not dangerous. These pests do not spread diseases, bite, or sting. What they do is contaminate food. Although technically edible, there are few people on this planet who would gladly eat food with wriggly larvae inside of it. What makes things worse is that it usually isn’t just one box. Grain beetles can spread through pantries like wildfire until property owners have no choice but to throw everything out.

What You Should Do To Prevent Grain Beetles

To prevent grain beetles, first, make sure your home or business’s exterior is properly sealed. This includes filling in gaps and cracks using a caulking gun, repairing damage to window/door screens, and making sure weatherstripping and door sweeps are in good working order. The second thing you should be doing to prevent these pests is checking boxes of stored foods for damage before buying them. This damage allows pantry pests like grain beetles to get inside packages and should be a warning sign for shoppers.

When To Call The Professionals About Your Pantry Pest Problems

The second you find pantry pests crawling around inside your home or business, call in the professionals. This is the only way to ensure your infestation is properly handled and that you are not just throwing away food constantly. Call the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite for the absolute best pest control Plano has to offer and get your property the protection and pest control treatments it needs to stay pest-free, year-round.

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