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What Houston Homeowners Ought To Know About Wolf Spiders

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Many different types of spiders live in our area. One common spider in Texas is the wolf spider. This species is interesting because of the many ways it differs from the spiders we are accustomed to.

Below, you can read more about wolf spiders, including identifying them, how they differ from other species, and how to prevent them. Plus, learn about pest control in Houston!

How To Identify Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are a bit misunderstood because of their appearance. The following features can identify this species:

  • ½ to 2 inches long
  • Dark brown hairy body and legs with lighter color markings
  • Two large eyes on top of the head and four smaller eyes about the mouth
  • Large eyes that will reflect light in the dark

A wolf spider’s bite can be painful and may result in swelling, but this species isn't a danger to people as their venom isn’t potent enough. This does not mean that you have to deal with wolf spiders on your property. Professional assistance for this species and other common spiders in Texas are available.

Why A Wolf Spider Would Be In Your Home

Wolf spiders don’t use a web to catch prey but instead actively hunt. They live in burrows that they dig or are abandoned by other animals and hunt at night. These nighttime hunters are fast, allowing them to ambush prey. If you find a wolf spider in your home, it is likely because it follows prey inside.

Because wolf spiders hunt, they prefer to be outside. However, if they get inside, they can become a problem because females carry their eggs.

Natural And Effective Wolf Spider Prevention Tips

The prevention tips provided below are natural and effective against wolf spiders and all kinds of spiders. Spider prevention focuses on keeping prey pests away and you can reduce their populations by:

  • Practicing proper food storage, using garbage cans with tight-fitting lids, and keeping eating areas clear of food debris.
  • Reducing water on your property by repairing leaks, clearing gutters, and removing organic debris from your yard.
  • Reducing entry points by inspecting and sealing cracks in the foundation and exterior walls, keeping outdoor lights off at night, and repairing any damaged screens.

If you have an active spider problem, read below to learn about the best way to get rid of spiders from your Houston property.

The Most Effective Way To Keep Spiders And Other Pest Out Of Your Home

The best way to get rid of spiders is with assistance from our expert technicians at All-Safe Pest & Termite. We offer solutions for the spiders found in Texas so that you can have a spider and pest-free home.

Our spider control process is effective against all kinds of spiders and includes:

  • Inspection: We will thoroughly examine your property to identify entry points and signs of spider activity.
  • Treatment: We will customize a plan that best fits your needs using inspection findings. Treatment may include glue board monitoring, dust application, and web removal. We assist spider prevention using a liquid residual product on the exterior of your home.
  • Follow-up: With our year-round pest protection, your property will be re-treated every four months and will be under our full warranty.

Give us a call at All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn more about how we can help with pest control in Houston and the spiders found in Texas!

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