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How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In My Sugar Land Home?

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Have you ever seen an ant around your home? Maybe you’ve seen them crawling in a line around your yard or emerging from a dirt pile, or perhaps you’ve seen them along the baseboards of your kitchen foraging food. Ants are some of the most frequent home-invading pests in the area and worldwide. There are an estimated 1.6 million ants in ratio to each human being on earth.

If you’re dealing with ants in your Sugar Land home, we’ve got the answers you need. Find out how to remove ant infestations and keep them from coming back.

Does Spotting One Ant In My House Mean I Have An Infestation?

If you see one ant or two, you might feel a sense of relief. It can be easy to assume that you’ve just encountered an errant ant or two, but most likely, there are many more ants that you’re not seeing. Ants usually don’t stray too far from their nests and colonies, so there are good odds that you are dealing with at least the start of an ant invasion.

And, it never hurts to err on the side of caution. If you see any signs of ants, you can reach out to Sugar Land ant control experts for an inspection around your home and property.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Ants In My House?

Most ants in Sugar Land are considered nuisance pests, but this doesn’t mean they won't cause problems. All ant species can invade your pantry and cupboards as they seek food, and while most ants don’t spread diseases, you should still discard those food items. Some ants pose health risks; the pharaoh ant can transmit pathogens, and the fire ant can be dangerous as they sting and inject venom. Along with the ants that pose some health concerns, the carpenter ant can also destroy property. These ants create their nests by tunneling into wooden structures.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In My House?

Once ants have established themselves around your house, they are a real challenge to remove. Unfortunately, many ant colonies can contain hundreds of thousands of ants. Like the Argentine ant, some species also have more than one queen and have massive nests that span underground. Others, like the carpenter ant, spread throughout the internal structures.

Most DIY ant removal efforts don’t work well and are a waste of money and effort. But, there is one method of effective Sugar Land pest control that can eradicate an ant infestation; all you need to do is contact the pest professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite.

How Can I Prevent Ants From Returning To My House?

After our team of technicians removes ants from your home, we suggest that you take a few steps to prevent ants from coming back. Here are some of the most effective tips and tricks:

  • If you have pets, store their food in sealed containers.
  • Always wipe up any crumbs and spills right away.
  • Keep your floors clear of spills and stains.
  • Put lids on your garbage cans.
  • Fix leaky plumbing to reduce water sources.

For more help with preventing and removing ants from your Sugar Land property, contact All-Safe Pest & Termite to request a quote.

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