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Dealing With Pantry Pests The Easy Way In Houston

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One of the best things about Houston besides the weather is the food. Unfortunately, pantry pests are a common nuisance that likes good food too. It’s critical to use suitable food storage methods for your family and pets to deter bugs.

If you discover beetles, larvae, or moths feeding on your dry goods in the kitchen, you need pest control services for pantry pests. Don’t delay to contact a Houston pest control company to help with a pantry pest problem.

How To Identify Pantry Pests

Take some time to search your kitchen for signs of pantry pests, as you might stumble into mature adult insects or pantry pest larvae.

Learn more about what pantry pests in Houston are invading your space. Here are some key characteristics of each:

  • Merchant grain beetles - These pests can fly, are dark brown, and don’t live in grain products. They measure between 1/8 to 1 inch in length, have six prominent saw-like teeth, and eat macaroni, cake mix, and cereals.
  • Indian meal moths - Adult moths measure around 5/8 of an inch and have wings with a coppery-red end. Their larvae feed on anything from dog food, bird food, grains, and dried fruit, to powdered milk.
  • Sawtooth grain beetle - Unlike the Merchant grain beetle, the Sawtooth grain beetle does not fly. This pest’s eyes are exposed, and it has a flattened, brown body. It measures 1/10 of an inch long.
  • Rice weevils - This insect is usually black or ruddy-brown, measures 1/8 of an inch, and often hides inside stored grain products. You may see weevils in oats, rice, corn, or macaroni. Female adults will lay eggs inside grain kernels.

Consider contacting All-Safe Pest & Termite to help control pantry pests as a more effective approach than using a pantry pest trap

How Pantry Pests Can Be A Nuisance In Your Home

If you go through your kitchen cupboards and constantly find torn open bags and boxes of food, pantry pest eggs, or dead insects, you need help.

Pantry pests can be problematic to get rid of and detect in food until it’s too late. Some insects lay many eggs at a time, quickly leading to a pantry pest infestation.

It might not be harmful to consume food infested or contaminated by pantry pests, but when in doubt, throw food out.

If you discover that pantry pests have invaded, it’s a less-than-appetizing situation. You might try spritzing a pantry pest spray, but methods like this are often not effective, and who wants to spray down their food with chemicals? Professional pest control services offer a more effective, long-lasting solution against pantry pests.

Simple Tips To Prevent Pantry Pests In Your Home

What can I use to prevent pantry pests? Try doing the following:

  • Use airtight containers to store your food. Be careful about keeping food out in the open, including pet food.
  • Inspect groceries before you bring them home and when putting them away in the pantry. Look for damage or signs of bugs.
  • Maintain a clean, organized kitchen. Wipe down surfaces and move things around so bugs don’t set up a nest or develop into an infestation.

So, how do you get pantry pests inside your Houston home in the first place? Many pantry pests are already inside food before you purchase it.

Open windows, screens with holes, and cracks and crevices around doors, plumbing, and other areas also provide a point of entry for pests. Keep your home in good repair and seal vulnerable areas where a pantry pest might sneak into your place.

The Best Solution To A Pantry Pest Infestation In Your Home

Don’t struggle to keep pests out with homemade solutions and traps when you need pantry pest control in Houston. Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite right away. We provide safe, eco-friendly pest control solutions and offer follow-up services to keep pantry pests gone for good. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Houston.

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