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Why Fleas In Your Fort Worth Home Are Worse Than You May Think

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a flea in pet hair

As Fort Worth homeowners, we know there is a lot to love about our town. However, the outdoor activity options are definitely high up on the list of best features, especially if you own pets. We love taking our pets to the local parks and greenways, and we love how many outdoor malls are even pet-friendly now. Yes, life in Fort Worth has gotten pretty great for pet owners recently, but there is one problem we can’t seem to shake: fleas.

The days of leaving our pets outside in the elements are over. First of all, it’s way too hot out there. Second, they’re like our kids, so why shouldn’t they sleep in the house? The only drawback is their uncanny ability to bring fleas into the house with them, so what can you do? The more you know about flea prevention, the more you can have the best of both worlds: a pet-filled, yet flea-free, home.

The Fleas Of Fort Worth

Spotting a flea infestation early is a huge key in controlling their reproduction (and determining how difficult they’ll be to get rid of). If there are somehow fleas in your home, they’ll wind up on your pets at some point. By keeping an eye on your pets, you might be able to spot an infestation early. If they’re itching and shaking excessively, then they probably have flea issues.

You might also witness fleas jumping off the carpet or the curtains. They love to hop around and can get some serious height for their size. These tiny little specks are very hard to spot, but they can make a big impact on your home. They’ll not only expose your pets to harmful diseases, but they’ll also spread bacteria to you and your children by contaminating your furniture and food preparation surfaces.

How Do They Get In?

Since they’re so difficult to spot, yet such a severe health risk, prevention is your best avenue of defense. Fleas can enter your home in far more ways than just hitching a ride on your pets, so you have to be aware of the possibilities. First of all, any rodents around your property are most likely trailing fleas or flea eggs wherever they go, even if it’s not all the way into your house. Fleas will lay eggs that rodents will then shed around your home or property.

The same is true for your pets. They may not have fleas, but they could be carrying a few flea eggs that they’ll shed onto your carpets. Once this happens, you’ll quickly incur an infestation and be at risk for bacteria and disease.


Aside from not owning pets and keeping rodents off your property altogether, prevention can be very difficult. You have to start by preventing rodents, which typically requires professional help. However, changing up your lawn decorations weekly will also spook rodents into finding another property to pester.

As far as pets go, you can turn to flea and tick medications from your vet along with careful monitoring. When they come in from playing in the yard, be sure to analyze the area where their hair or fur meets their skin, as flea eggs may be hiding there. You should also brush them regularly outside as you can expel many of the flea eggs they may be carrying around. While these measures can be somewhat effective, if you have pets, you’re always at risk for fleas and the diseases they carry. The best form of flea protection is with a collaborative effort between your vet and the pest control professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite.

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