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The Key To Effective Yellow Jacket Control For Houston Properties

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When it comes to yellow jacket control, your property can no doubt benefit from Houston pest control. Not only is trusting the professionals more effective, but it can also be safer than dealing with the problem of stinging, aggressive yellow jackets on your property by yourself.

How To Identify Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are a fairly identifiable wasp, as most people easily recognize this insect's yellow and black striped markings. In general, yellow jackets grow between three-eighths and five-eighths of an inch; their bodies are segmented distinctly and have wings, antennae, and six legs.

Yellow jacket nests are typically enclosed and are vaguely grey in color. They have an appearance much like paper mâché and are somewhat spherical in appearance. You will usually find yellow jacket nests underground, in the holes between walls, or near eaves with easy access to food.

Why Yellow Jackets Are So Dangerous

Yellow jackets are one of the most dangerous stinging insects you can get on your property due to their aggressive nature. This pest will sting or attack when it feels even remotely threatened, which can create serious issues when you are out and about in your yard and accidentally come across a nest.

Yellow jackets can sting numerous times, unlike bees that only sting once. This allows them to continually inject venom into the skin, triggering allergic reactions or even anaphylaxis even in those that don’t have a history of allergies to insect stings. These reactions may need to be met with immediate medical attention.

These dangers surrounding yellow jackets are why yellow jacket control on your Houston property is essential.

How To Prevent Yellow Jackets From Nesting On Your Property

Learning what keeps yellow jackets away is an excellent way to prevent this pest from nesting on your property. The steps below can help you ensure this pest doesn’t start a major infestation in the first place. And remember, yellow jacket pest control is always a good choice if you are unsure how to prevent or tackle an invasion of this pest.

  • Remove any outdoor access to food and trash, especially items that contain a large amount of sugar, such as sodas and sweet drinks. Refrain from leaving food and drink spills outside and cover any outdoor compost pile or trash cans with lids.
  • Clear your yard of debris and remove fallen branches, old woodpiles, and tree stumps. Keep the grass trimmed down low and fill in any holes around your yard, as yellow jackets often make their nests in these areas. 
  • Utilize plants that deter yellow jackets in your yard and around areas like outdoor patios, as this will deter this pest from flying around and potentially stinging. Plant spearmint, peppermint, and lemongrass as yellow jackets hate the smell of all of these.

The Safest Way To Remove A Yellow Jacket's Nest From Your Property

If you want to know how to get rid of yellow jackets for good and how to remove their nests safely, your first step should be to contact the professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite. Our experts are highly-trained in yellow jacket nest removal in Houston, something that can save you time and pain when it comes to taking nests off your property. Plus, the experts can help with general yellow jacket pest control to ensure this stinging insect stays away from your property year-round.

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