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Here's The Best Way To Keep Pantry Pests Out Of Your Dallas Home

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Dallas homes are prime targets for pantry pests. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can keep these invaders away from your stored foods. With a little effort, you can say goodbye to pantry pests in Dallas.

Types Of Pantry Pests In Dallas

Some pests are known for thriving in the pantry. In Dallas, there are a few pests you might find in your stored food.

One of the most common culprits is the Indian meal moth. It has brown and gray wings and enjoys feeding on grains, nuts, pet food, and more. Typically, females lay eggs in food and the larvae eat the food. They leave behind a webbing that is disturbing to find. If you find the larvae in your food, you need to throw it away or risk illness.

Another pest is the cigarette beetle. To identify this creature, look for a long brown body and serrated antennae. They prefer eating spices, flour, herbs, and rice. However, they also live in tobacco products. Their eggs often appear in or near your food.

If you find a brown, oval-shaped beetle in your pantry, you're probably looking at a drugstore beetle. These insects received their name for their affinity for dried herbs, which were often found in drugstores. However, they like all dried plant products.

Where They Come From

No matter which pests you have in your home, they all have a similar way of invading. Typically, it all starts with an adult laying eggs in your food. This could happen at the grocery store, in the manufacturing plant, or your home.

In some cases, these pests come from outside your home. They find entrances and make their way into your pantry. After they find the food, they lay their eggs. Then, the eggs hatch and become larvae. They eat the food and turn into adults. Once that happens, the life cycle starts over again. It's challenging to eliminate pantry pests once they enter your home, so prevention is crucial. They contaminate your food and put you at risk.

Preventing Infestations

How can you keep pantry pests out of your home? There are a few ways in which you can keep them out. For one, you can check your food items before you purchase them. Look for holes in packages or unsealed items. If you're purchasing unpackaged foods, look for small eggs or larvae. 

Once you bring your groceries home, store them with care. Pour dried food into sealed containers, and keep in mind that pests can eat through cardboard. If you don't seal up your food, larvae can escape the food. Furthermore, adult pests won't be able to enter your food containers to lay their eggs.

Some food pests will enter your home from the outside. By sealing up all your entry points, you can keep these insects out. Check your screens for holes and gaps. If you have any broken screens, fix them with a patch or replace them. There may be other entry points, like gaps under door sweeps and holes in your walls. Seal up any entrances, and pests will have a harder time entering your home.

What Can A Professional Do?

Even if you're diligent about checking your food products, it might be too late for you to keep insects out. You may not notice these pests until the larvae develop and take over. If you want to prevent or eliminate a pantry pest infestation, you need the expertise of a professional. Contact All-Safe for more prevention advice or for help to get rid of an ongoing infestation.

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