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How Do I Get Rid Of Indian Meal Moths In My Dallas Pantry?

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Indian meal moths are pantry pests that infest dry goods. At each Indian meal moth lifecycle stage, they have a different appearance. Adults have an oval-shaped body with brown or cream-colored wings on the front half and a dark bronze color on the back. Larvae are about 1.2 of an inch long, have a brown head, and a body that ranges from green to pink to yellow.

Where Do Pantry Moths Come From In Dallas Homes?

Indian meal moths usually make their way inside residential properties through dry goods that are already infested at the time of purchase. Infestation of goods usually occurs at food packaging and processing plants, not at the store.

While less common, Indian meal moths can also get in through gaps around windows and doors. In either case, if this pest is in your home, you shouldn't wait to get rid of them and infested items. 

Is It Dangerous To Have Indian Meal Moths In My Dallas Home?

When adult females find a reliable food source, usually dry goods, they will lay their eggs. This allows the larvae to feed as soon as they hatch. Because of this, the larvae stage of the lifecycle is responsible for the majority of the damage this pest causes.

Although this pest is not known to transmit diseases, Indian meal moth health risks accompany an infestation, contaminating food with waste and saliva.

Even if you avoid eating contaminated food, you will probably become frustrated with how much food and money you have to waste eliminating this pest. Not to mention, any pest infestation can affect a homeowner's stress, which can lead to other health concerns, so it is best to try and prevent Indian meal moths.

Can I Naturally Get Rid Of Pantry Moths In My Dallas Home?

Getting rid of Indian meal moths naturally might prove to be a challenging task. If you believe you have this pest in your home, you should discard all opened dry goods in outdoor garbage cans with tight-fitting lids. Don't throw away infested items inside your house, as the pest can make its way out of the garbage and re-infest. 

Several natural prevention methods may not remove an infestation entirely but will help:

  • Keep outdoor lights turned off when they are not needed.
  • Install screens and weather stripping on all exterior windows and doors.
  • Regularly clean out your pantry and cupboards to remove old and expired items.
  • Store opened goods in airtight containers rather than the original packaging.
  • Keep eating areas clean and free of crumbs.
  • Inspect food packaging for damage before purchasing them.

You should not wait to dispose of infested foods properly, and you should also consider further action. The best way to get rid of Indian meal moths is with professional pest control services because experts understand how to identify the source of the problem, so it doesn't reoccur. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Indian Meal Moths In My Dallas Home For Good?

All-Safe Pest & Termite are local experts that understand the importance of keeping homes protected against pests like Indian meal moths. Our residential pest control plans are the best way to get rid of Indian meal moths.

Like many other pests, it is essential to treat every stage of the Indian meal moth's lifecycle. Without doing so, they will only continue to reproduce and mature, makings total elimination impossible.

Call us at All-Safe Pest & Termite for more information about the services we offer and how we can help reduce Indian meal moth health risks on your Dallas property.

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