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A Handy Carpet Beetle Prevention Guide For Frisco Homes

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Carpet beetles are an occasional invader that can do some annoying damage to a home. To keep a carpet beetle infestation from happening in your Frisco home, you should know how to identify this pest and what the best ways to prevent it are.

What Do Carpet Beetles In Frisco Look Like?

Carpet beetles can appear in a variety of colors and molted patterns. This includes yellow, white, black, and red. Other identifiers of this pest include:

  • A ladybug-shaped body with their front wings creating a protective covering for their back wings
  • Between 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long
  • Six legs
  • Antennae

How Much Damage Can Carpet Beetles Do In My Frisco Home?

When it comes to a carpet beetle infestation, you might experience significant damage to items like rugs, carpets, clothing, books, curtains, and other upholstered items. They can also get into dry goods and are attracted to the oils in our hair. Interestingly, the carpet beetle larvae cause the damage and not the adults.

Their larvae have a dark-colored body with bristle-like hairs, which can cause people to develop a rash. Female carpet beetles lay their eggs right on a reliable food source, which can be anything made up of wool, hair, feathers, animal skins and furs, and silks. Once the larvae are born, they will start to feed right away. This stage of the life cycle can last for up to a year.

Adult carpet beetles feed on pollen and nectar. A common way they get inside homes is by accidentally being carried in on plants or flowers. However, they can also get in by slipping underneath doors and through cracks in the foundation. This is why it is essential to know about the prevention steps below.

Effective Carpet Beetle Prevention Tips For Frisco Homes

You can help prevent carpet beetles in Texas from making their way into your home through regular cleaning and house maintenance. You should vacuum carpets and upholstered items regularly, inspect any flowers or plants before bringing them inside, and install weatherstripping and screens around windows and doors. It is also helpful to store items like clothing and blankets in airtight containers rather than cardboard boxes. The same goes for dry goods in your pantry; airtight containers are always best to keep carpet beetle larvae out.

If you perform these prevention tips but see signs of pest damage, you may need to call in professionals for carpet beetle treatments as this pest is not an easy one to get rid of.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles In Your Frisco Home

If you are thinking about getting rid of a carpet beetle infestation on your own, you might want to think again. This is because this pest can be difficult to identify and quickly reproduce. Female carpet beetles usually lay about 40 eggs, and it only takes 10 to 20 days for them to hatch, so in no time, you can be overwhelmed by this pest in your home.

To effectively eliminate carpet beetles in your Frisco home, you should contact the experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite. Our experts know all about carpet beetles in Texas and can assist you with any pest problem you are experiencing. 

We offer two customizable residential pest control options, Safe Select Pest Control and Protection Plus Pest & Termite. One of our knowledgeable technicians can help you pick the best plan that fits your needs.

Call us today at All-Safe Pest & Termite for carpet beetle treatment options.

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