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What To Do About A Hornet's Nest On Your Fort Worth Property

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hornet nest on property

Stinging insects of any breed are not only annoying but also pose potentially serious health threats to you and your family, especially to anyone who's allergic. Getting rid of a hornet's nest is what's going to be key to ridding these pests from your property completely. But how do you do that when you're dealing with aggressive and territorial hornets? You're going to need to turn to the pros. Get in contact with your local Fort Worth pest control experts to safely remove a hornet's nest from your property.

Common Hornets And Wasps That Build Nests On Fort Worth Properties

As a Fort Worth resident dealing with insects that pose a threat to your health, you could care less about the identification of these stinging insects. However, being able to properly identify what you're dealing with will help you better understand prevention methods. In Fort Worth, these are the types of wasps and hornets you'll find around your property:

  • Bald-faced Hornets
  • Paper Wasps
  • Yellow Jackets

With proper nest removal services, your home will be hornet and wasp-free in no time. After that, it'll be up to you to maintain your yard and keep them away.

The Dangers Of Trying To Remove A Hornet's Nest Yourself

Hornets play a significant role in our ecosystem but having them on your property is quite a nuisance. Not only that, but they're one of the worst stinging insects to try and tackle on your own. And while stings are the most obvious danger of these pests, you can't forget about the other dangers they pose as well. Let's take a look.

  • Falls: Hornets build their nests in high locations that you may not be able to reach. Using things like ladders or chairs may be the tool of choice for you to remove the nest, but the moment one darts at you aggressively, it can lead to a big fall with serious injuries.
  • Fires: Some so-called guides will tell you to set the nest on fire. Don't do it. Hornet nests are very flammable and can set your entire house on fire in an instant just by trying to ignite a small nest.
  • Stings: Whether you use a spray or a broom, trying to remove a nest on your own is a threat to the hornets, and they will attack you. Additionally, if you kill a hornet, the pheromones released will alert other hornets and send them flocking to you.

The moral of the story is always to contact professionals for proper hornet's nest removal. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we have the appropriate gear, tools, and equipment to properly and safely remove hornets and other stinging insect nests from your property.

The Experts To Call For A Safe Hornet's Nest Removal

The All-Safe Pest & Termite professionals are the experts to call for safe hornet's nest removal. Not only will we remove these flying insects that sting, but we'll remove them using green, eco-friendly solutions, as they're an integral part of our ecosystem.

How To Prevent Hornets From Returning To Your Yard

The key to hornet prevention is knowing what attracts them so that you can make efforts to make your home unattractive. Habits like keeping your trash bins closed, filling holes in the ground, sealing points of entry on the exterior of your house, and planting hornet-repellent plants are great chemical-free ways to keep hornets a safe distance from your yard and home.

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