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How Long Are Ants Active Around Plano?

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Spending time at home can be relaxing. It can also be stressful. Most people work hard to make sure they have the best chance of getting rest when they spend time at home. One thing you can do for this is make sure ants are not around. These little bugs love to skitter around living areas and are a huge pain to deal with.

Here is what we recommend you do about the different types of ants in Plano and how to ensure they stay out of your home year-round. Contact our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite if you would like to hear about our advanced pest control offerings. We will break down our methods for ant removal and find a service time that works best for your home and property.

Common Ant Species Found Around Plano Properties

Plano is home to several different types of ants. The majority of local species do not pose any serious threat to your health and are mostly a problem because of the way they contaminate food. Some species, however, can cause real problems. This includes fire ants who bite and sting, carpenter ants that damage wood, and pharaoh ants that spread disease.

Other common types of ants you might find inside your home are odorous house ants, little black ants, acrobat ants, and crazy ants. To help you avoid all of these pests, here are some things to consider and ant control methods to keep them out of your home. 

Seasonality: How Long Are Ants Active In Our Region?

If you have lived in Plano long enough, you might already know that ants do not go away during the cooler months. This is because it never really gets cold enough to threaten their health or safety.

This is not the case in northern states. States like Maine, Nebraska, and Michigan don’t have to deal with ants for several months out of the year. We are lucky if these pests slow down for a few weeks here in Plano. This is why it is so important that you invest in some form of ant pest control.

Tips You Can Use To Minimize Your Risk For Ants

Our end goal is for you to have an ant-free home. To help you avoid an ant infestation locally, here are some tips and tricks to minimize your risk of an invasion.

  • Seal potential entry points around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Repair damage to windows and doors and make sure they have proper seals.
  • Keep your living areas dry and clean.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Store food inside air-tight containers.

Talk with our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite if you want to know more about our advanced ant control offerings.

How Ants Get Into Homes In Plano And What To Do If They're Inside

It does not take much effort for an ant to invade a home. These pests crawl around the exterior of buildings and look for tiny gaps, holes, and cracks that might lead indoors. They follow these potential entry points into wall voids and then to interior spaces. Sometimes all an ant needs is an open window or door to invade.

Keeping this in mind, if you want to get and keep these pests out of your home, you need professional services. Our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite offers advanced ant control in Plano to help you handle whatever types of these pests decide to break in. Call our dedicated staff to learn more about our Plano ant control offerings and find out what we can do to help you deal with ants.

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