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The Easiest Way To Combat Dallas' Carpet Beetles

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carpet beetle on orange carpet

Sometimes, carpet beetles are called black carpet beetles or common carpet beetles and exist throughout most of the U.S. in indoor and outdoor environments. These tiny pests primarily consume plant material and various natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Homeowners should regularly vacuum or otherwise clean rugs, cushions, and on or around furniture. 

Do carpet beetles fly? Yes. Carpet beetles develop wings and will fly.

Are you struggling with an infestation of carpet beetles? Consulting with a licensed pest control company is often the best way of responding to these problems. Those who try do-it-yourself home treatment options often experience very mediocre results. A local Dallas pest control professional understands how to get rid of carpet beetles and how to prevent carpet beetles from returning.

How To Identify Signs Of Carpet Beetles In Your Home

Carpet beetle eggs appear white but are barely visible to the naked eye. After emerging from eggs, carpet beetle larvae are often visible measure up to ¼ of an inch, and appear tan or brownish. The larvae shed their skin (exoskeletons) and use their legs for slowly crawling around. After a stage as pupae, adult carpet beetles might appear in shades of cream, brown, or black, have a scaly exterior and wings, and measure roughly 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long.

Some of the most likely locations that homeowners encounter carpet beetles inside their homes include along the edge of carpets, inside closets, or within clothing or upholstered furniture.

The Damage A Carpet Beetle Infestation Can Create In Your Home

Carpet beetles in Dallas are primarily nuisance pests that pose minimal threats to human health. The females create tiny eggs on objects composed of materials that these pests consume, including carpeting, blankets, clothes, or upholstered furniture. After emerging from eggs, carpet beetle larvae begin feeding directly from the material around them.

In some cases, this larval stage of development might extend for many months, during which time they may continue damaging materials in your home. Carpet beetle larvae also consume natural oils that exist in human hair. They will travel throughout areas of the human body and cause adverse allergic reactions such as rashes that people sometimes mistake for bed bug bites.

Do carpet beetles bite humans? Carpet beetles generally will not bite living organisms such as humans; however, many individuals develop areas of itchy and irritated skin.

What Is Causing Carpet Beetles To Come Inside My House?

Are you wondering how carpet beetles get inside your home? Some of the most common causes of these bothersome pests include the following:

  • In natural, outdoor settings, carpet beetles often consume plant-based materials such as nectar or pollen; therefore, people sometimes unknowingly bring carpet beetles inside their homes with potted plants. 
  • Adult carpet beetles may enter a home through tiny openings such as crevices around the base of the structure, damaged window screens, or gaps around exterior doors. 
  • Bright outdoor lighting, such as commonly existing near entryways, often will attract these pests to the home. 
  • Keep in mind that carpet beetles might also enter a home in their egg or larvae forms within various goods.

Carpet beetles often exist within the materials used for creating bird or rodent nests. Some property owners find carpet beetles inside packaged foods such as dried meats or pet food.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Carpet Beetles In My House?

A team of professional home pest control experts with All-Safe Pest & Termite will efficiently expel infestations involving carpet beetles in Texas and explain the best strategies for preventing carpet beetles in your house. Contact us today for an onsite inspection and estimate.

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