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All The Problems Rodents Can Cause On Your Katy Property

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Mice and rats are two species that most people know about, and there are many misconceptions about them. They are associated with being invasive creatures that live in the subways of big cities or being adorable fuzzy animals that can be kept as pets. However, the truth about wild rodents is that they are extremely dangerous, and they are also widespread throughout the country. Both mice and rats commonly invade Katy's homes and businesses, and when they do, they can bring danger and destruction to them.

Most people know what these pests look like overall, but it can be a bit difficult to tell the two species apart. Knowing how to tell the difference between them is useful.

First of all, mice are much smaller when fully grown at only about five inches long, including their tails, while rats can reach around 12-16 inches long when you include their tails. Mice also have larger ears, pointier muzzles, and longer tails than rats do. Mice are a brown-gray color with cream-colored underbellies, while rats range in color from brown-gray to black.

All The Problems That Rodents Can Cause For Your Property

The first problem that rodents bring is destruction. They damage all kinds of items as they can chew through so many materials. Their incisors constantly grow, so they have to gnaw on things to keep them from getting too long. This constant need to chew means they damage everything from personal belongings to important elements of your property, such as electrical wires and pipes. This damage can cost a lot of money in the long run.

This chewing also makes them challenging to deter. Rodents can easily chew a hole to gain entrance to your property as they can get through drywall and even wood. Even without chewing, mice can even fit through holes the size of a dime while for rats it’s the size of a quarter.

Rodents And Health Risks

Then, there are all of the health problems that rodents can bring with them as well. Mice and rats can carry many illnesses, including hantavirus and rat-bite fever. The buildup of their fur, urine, and feces can even lead to respiratory problems such as allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Mice and rats also look for food sources throughout a property. They will consume everything from pet food to sweets to meat and can even subsist off of crumbs and bits of left behind food and garbage. They can destroy and contaminate items in your pantry, storage room, cupboards, and more.

Having mice or rats running around and building their nests inside your home or business is dangerous to you and everyone around you. 

The Safest Most Effective Way To Remove Rodents

Because rodents bring a whole host of issues with them, it’s vital to keep them from invading your home. If you already have rodents, trying to remove them is a real challenge because they are prolific and adept at living alongside humans.

The only sure way to protect your Katy property or business from mice and rats is with pest assistance from All-Safe Pest & Termite. We offer year-round rodent control services you can rely on, so just give us a call today to request a quote.

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