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Answering Sugar Land's Most Commonly Asked Mosquito Questions

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According to the Center for Disease Control, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading malaria. A disease that infects millions of people each year. Most of these infections occur in developing countries.

While Sugar Land isn't a developing country, we have our share of mosquitoes. And while the chances of dying from a mosquito bite here are relatively low, it's still important to take precautions.

Consult with a Sugar Land pest control contractor to find out what you can do to reduce the mosquito numbers on your property and protect yourself and your family from these dangerous creatures.

What Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are tiny, flying insects found in nearly every part of the world. There are over 3000 types of mosquitoes globally, but only a handful of these species are responsible for transmitting diseases to humans.

Female mosquitoes feed on blood to reproduce. It's the bite of the female mosquito that can transmit diseases.

When a mosquito bites an infected person, it ingests the viruses or parasites that cause disease. These pathogens then multiply inside the mosquito's gut. When the mosquito bites again, it can transmit these diseases to the next person or animal it bites.

Just How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous creatures globally. This is because they're responsible for transmitting diseases that cause death and suffering on a massive scale.

The long list of diseases caused by mosquitoes includes:

  • Malaria
  • Dengue fever
  • Yellow fever
  • Encephalitis
  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus

These are just a few of the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Not every mosquito is infected, but with such a long list of potential diseases, it's no wonder that mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous creatures on earth.

Speak with your nearest pest control contractor to ensure no mosquitoes are left on your property to threaten you or your family's safety.

How Can I Protect Myself From Mosquito Bites?

The best way to protect yourself from mosquito bites is to avoid being bitten in the first place. There are multiple tips you can leverage to reduce your risk of mosquito bites, including:

  • Wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors.
  • Use mosquito repellent.
  • Stay indoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. 
  • Keep your property free of standing water that mosquitoes use to breed.
  • Grow plants that keep mosquitoes away.

If you follow these tips, you'll be less likely to be bitten by a mosquito. However, these home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes are not foolproof. 

Speak with your local Sugar Land mosquito control contractor to find out more about how you can protect yourself from mosquitoes.

What's The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Yard?

Although there are multiple ways to repel mosquitoes, the best way to keep mosquitoes away from your yard is to seek the help of a professional. All-Safe Pest & Termite has years of experience in the Sugar Land area and can help you keep these pests at bay. 

Using a combination of mosquito dunks, mosquito foggers, and yard sprays, we'll create a barrier around your home that'll keep mosquitoes away all season long.

Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite today to learn more about our effective mosquito control services and how we can help you remain mosquito-free.

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