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How To Keep The Exterior Of Your Home In The Woodlands Spider-Free!

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Have you ever walked through a spider's web on your property? These eight-legged pests seem to build their webs everywhere. Sometimes they build webs on the sides of local homes. If you have noticed an influx of spider webs on the outside of your The Woodlands home or are looking for some helpful tips and tricks to keep these pests out of your living areas, here are some things to consider today. Call our team now if you are looking for details about professional spider control. We will offer some solutions to keep these pests out of your Woodlands home and can schedule your property for a pest inspection. 

Why Do Spiders Make Webs On Porches?

Spiders build their webs in high-traffic areas. What do we mean by this? Well, spiders eat bugs. Where do bugs reside? In the cracks, crevices, and dark areas inside and around homes. Many bugs will crawl on the exterior of homes and look for ways to get inside. Spiders build webs on porches and other exterior lounging areas in an attempt to catch prey. By building in corners, web spiders lessen their chances of having their webs destroyed. This doesn’t stop you, however, from using a long broom to knock their homes down. 

Are Spiders Attracted To Light?

There are many bugs in our area that are drawn to light sources. Spiders are drawn to light sources to hunt for these bugs. This is why you might find webs built over exterior lights. Spiders know that other bugs fly close to lights and hope that they will catch something tasty. Some types of spiders will build webs nearby light sources rather than directly on them. This is just as effective for catching pests like moths, flies, and other buzzing insects. Ground spiders such as wolf spiders will also hang out around lights to hunt for their prey. If you would like to reduce pest problems related to lights, consider changing exterior white light bulbs for ones that are yellow. Yellow bulbs are insect-resistant. 

Exterior Prevention Tips For Spider Control

In order to keep spiders out of your home, you have to also prevent the pests they invade to hunt. Here are a few helpful general pest control tips to help you keep unwanted guests out of your interior spaces.

  • Inspect your home’s exterior for gaps, cracks, and holes. Seal these entry points by using some silicone caulk.
  • Make sure your window/door screens are in good condition.
  • Install door sweeps under unprotected exterior doors.
  • Address moisture issues like leaky piping, water build-up, and high humidity in and around your home.
  • Clean up clutter and debris around your yard.
  • Clear a five-foot area around your home.
  • Make sure your gutters are in good working order.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed when they are not in use.
  • Store leftovers, pantry items, and pet food inside sealed plastic, glass, or metal containers. 

Total Home Pest Control For Your The Woodlands Home

The absolute easiest and best way to control pests in The Woodlands is to hire a pest control professional. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we offer comprehensive treatment options to combat a large range of area pests, including invasive spiders. Although you are most likely to find harmless spiders inside and around your home, dangerous spiders do invade from time to time. Keep your family safe by letting one of our technicians inspect and treat your property. They will make sure you get the pest protection you deserve.

Call now to schedule an appointment for your home or to ask questions about pest control in The Woodlands. We can help!

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