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Three Easy Tricks To Keep Pantry Pests Out Of Your Dallas Home

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an indian meal moth crawling in a pantry

Not to mention, there are many species who harbor harmful germs and transmit diseases. When there’s not a health threat, there’s one to belongings. Lots of pests can damage buildings or personal possessions, like furniture and clothes. Dallas homeowners can’t afford to slack on creature remediation and control. The chances of illness and destruction are especially high if there’s a critter that multiplies quickly or is hard to get rid of. Pantry pests are an example.

Pantry pests are tiny bugs that hide in the depths of food and cabinets, ruining meals. Most people don’t know much about them, so they’re usually confused about how to prevent and manage them. These three tricks will certainly be of use to you. Meanwhile, you’ll learn how All-Safe Pest & Termite can intervene.

Trick #1: Keep Things Thoroughly Clean

With pantry pests, it’s not enough to be neat. You have to do a regular deep clean of all areas where food is stored. First, remove all items from your cabinets and pantries. Examine packages, and discard anything tattered, punctured, or expired. Finally, wash out and dry the interior spaces. Going forward, put meals in containers with tight lids. This applies to pet chow too. When grocery shopping, don’t purchase dry goods in bulk or items with ripped wrapping.

Trick #2: Get to Fixing

Some pantry pests are able to penetrate homes through gaps around windows and doors. Be sure to install weatherstripping and sweeps to appropriate places. Verify that existing screens and protective covers are intact. Use caulk to seal holes around ceilings, foundations, cabinets, and appliances. Common pantry pests in the area include Indian meal moths, drugstore beetles, and granary weevils. Indian meal moths are 0.37 of an inch long. Their gray wings stretch to 0.62 of an inch wide, and have a bronze or brown tint at the bottom. The young have pink, cream, or yellow-green bodies with brown heads. Drugstore beetles are entirely brown, and are 0.08 to 0.12 of an inch long. The humped and oval-shaped critters can fly and are drawn to light. Granary weevils are also called wheat weevils. They too are brown, and reach 0.20 of an inch long. While they have wings, they’re unable to take off.

Regardless of species, here’s what these critters and similar have in kind:

  • They consume and spoil pet food, dry goods, flour, grains, rice, cereal, tobacco, fruit, spices, and more.
  • The adults creep into goods sitting in distribution factories and lay eggs; larvae do most of the wrecking.
  • They don’t sting, bite, carry pathogens or parasites, or spread disease.
  • Their waste and webs contaminate food, alter flavoring, and promote mold growth.
  • Items they’ve infested should be discarded immediately.

Trick #3: Call All-Safe Pest & Termite

You shouldn’t have to think twice before you prepare a meal. While you can’t influence what occurs at a factory or retail store, you have a hand in what happens in your home. We at All-Safe Pest & Termite have effective deterrence and elimination options for you that include low-toxicity treatments.

You can rest assured our technicians are skilled, as we are proud members of national, state, and local industry associations. Our plans are affordable and wide-ranging. They even come packed with guarantees and warranties. Protect your kitchen and eat safe again! Call today for a free quote! You’ll be so glad you trusted us.

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