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What Do I Do If I Spot Termite Swarmers On My Houston Property?

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termite swarmers

Spotting termite swarmers around your property can strike fear into the heart of any Houston property owner, but a termite problem doesn’t have to be inevitable at this point. Proper protection from termite swarmers around your property and the help of Houston pest control can get this pest under control.

What Is A Termite Swarmer?

A termite swarmer is a reproductive termite that has left its original colony to find a new place to nest and start its own colony. Termite swarmers are the only caste of termites with wings (as opposed to the wingless workers and soldiers) and can fly several miles from their birthplace to find a new nesting area.

In general, termite swarmers are dark brown or black in color. They will lose their wings when they settle down in an area, a sign that termite swarmers aren’t just scoping out your property; they are moving in. Termite protection in Houston is essential in stopping this pest from calling your property home.

Do Termite Swarmers Mean I Have Termites?

Many Houston property owners are likely to wonder, ‘do swarming termites mean infestation’ once they see this pest on their property. This is a valid question, as often, invasions of swarming termites can be frightening and seem overwhelming on your Houston property. That being said, seeing a few swarmers around may not mean that you have a termite infestation. Instead, it means that there is the potential for an infestation if you ignore the swarmers and they start to move into your home. 

Seeing termite swarmers around your property can also mean that there is a current termite nest and that the swarmers are leaving it to start their own colonies. Only the professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite can help you determine if a termite problem is prevalent on your property. 

Can I Prevent Termites On My Property?

If you want to stop a termite problem before it gets started, the best way to go about it is termite protection in Houston. The following prevention tips can help to keep this pest away:

  • Address moisture issues around your property and ensure proper drainage in your yard. Fix up leaks inside and outside the home and make sure that there is no damp or damaged wood along the foundation, as termites are majorly attracted to this.
  • Reduce soil to wood contact by placing a barrier of stones or gravel between any soil or mulch in the yard and the foundation. This will prevent termites from moving inside from underground nests.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris like fallen branches and twigs and make sure to store woodpiles far away from the home; consider removing old tree stumps. This will attract fewer termites to your property as there won’t be easy access to wood for them to chew.

How Do I Get Rid Of Termite Swarmers On My Property?

To understand how to get rid of termites and swarmers on your property, you should be contacting the best termite control company for your Houston home: All-Safe Pest & Termite. Our experts will be able to identify whether or not swarming termites are a problem on your property and put into place effective termite elimination and protection solutions. Reach out to All-Safe Pest & Termite today for the professional termite protection in Houston you deserve.

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