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Let's Talk About Tick Control In Houston

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After returning home from a walk through the woods or a patch of tall grass, we often have the routine habit of checking ourselves for a certain blood-feeding pest. Ticks in Houston are a common problem for people and pets, and today we’ll be discussing what you need to protect yourself from these irritating insects.

To receive immediate assistance with your pest control needs, turn to our professionals at All-Safe Pest & Termite. We have the tools and experience needed to eliminate the root of your pest problems and ensure they don’t return in the future. It’s our goal to offer effective and eco-friendly services that get the job done right. Reach out to us today for more details about our Houston pest control solutions. 

The Variety Of Ticks You Can Find In Houston

There are many types of ticks in Houston and throughout the United States. However, some are more common than others. The most common ticks you’ll find in our area are the deer tick and the lone star tick.
Deer ticks frequently bite animals and humans, though their preferred choice of host is usually an adult white-tailed deer, hence their name. These common pests have flat, oval bodies that are reddish-brown in color. They are the smallest species of ticks found in North America. Lone star ticks are a bit larger and also have a reddish-brown appearance. When engorged, lone star sticks become a grayish color. Females of this species have a single silver-white spot on their backs that some say looks like a star.

No matter what kind of ticks cause problems around your home, All-Safe Pest & Termite is here to help. Contact us today for immediate assistance with your pest problems.

The Problems Ticks On Your Property Can Create

Aside from being a pesky nuisance, ticks can also cause health complications for both people and pets. These pests are known for transmitting a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, and ehrlichiosis. Some of these diseases caused by ticks are categorized as bacterial infections, while others fall under the characterization of a pathogen.

To avoid the problems ticks cause, don’t hesitate to implement an effective pest management plan from All-Safe Pest & Termite. It’s our goal to take care of pest problems so you can focus on more important things. 

Factors That Attract Ticks To Your Yard

As parasitic pests, ticks don’t move very far on their own. Instead, animals such as deer, raccoons, and rodents bring them to properties. However, there are a few things that make your property more attractive to ticks. Ticks hide in many locations throughout Houston lawns, including:

  • Within tall weeds and untrimmed grass
  • Underneath leaf and stick piles
  • Inside moist, shaded areas with thick undergrowth

Removing factors that allow ticks to hide on your property is step one, but what comes next? Your best option for protection from ticks is a professional tick control plan from a trusted pest control provider. At All-Safe Pest & Termite, we’re committed to delivering high-quality solutions year-round. Reach out to us today to get started on your journey to a pest-free future.

What's The Best Way To Keep Ticks Away From My Yard?

While tick prevention tips are helpful, they’re a short-term solution. The best way to receive long-term relief from ticks and other common pest problems is with a little help from a licensed pest control provider like All-Safe Pest & Termite. We work quickly to eliminate the ticks living in your Houston yard and implement proven methods of control to ensure they don’t return quickly.

If you’re looking for effective tick removal services, look no further than All-Safe Pest & Termite. Get in touch with us today to schedule your first service visit or request your free estimate.

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