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Getting Rid Of Roof Rats On Your Plano Property The Right Way

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a roof rat in a  home

You likely have roof rats if you hear noises from the ceiling, attic, or crawl space at night or spy rodent droppings around your home. These clever pests won’t easily fall for bait or traps and love to gnaw on wires, drywall, and wood. Protecting your property and family means you need to call All-Safe Pest & Termite about Plano pest control for safe roof rat control and removal.

How To Tell If It’s Roof Rats On Your Property

At first glance, the Plano roof rat looks similar to a mouse but much larger.

Look for the following characteristics:

  • They are brown to black with a white or black underbelly.
  • Their body measures six to eight inches long with a tail that's as long or longer than their body.
  • These rodents have large ears and eyes, and the tail is scaly and longer than the body.
  • Roof rats are attracted to piles of wood, boxes, and areas with plenty of shrubbery to hide and build a nest.
  • They leave droppings behind that have a spindle-like appearance with pointed ends.

So, what are some signs of rats?  You may discover stash piles of food that roof rats accumulate and hide in their nest. They will work in groups and visit the same source repeatedly, bringing it back to their shelter to eat.

Since roof rats are nocturnal pests, you will probably hear scratching and squeaking at night from behind the walls and rats in the ceiling. Also, you may spy on greasy marks around surfaces where they travel in search of food, water, and nesting materials.

The Dangers Roof Rats Bring To Properties

It is critical to have a professional pest control company help you remove the roof rat from your Plano home. These rodents can transmit diseases from a scratch, a bite, or droppings. Roof rats in Texas can contaminate your food and water, damage property, and may carry fleas.

Because roof rats gnaw their way into your home and need to chew to keep their teeth short, they can easily cause structural damage. The roof rat can leave bite marks and debris from chewing through aluminum siding, wood, and drywall, weakening a home’s structural integrity.

Roof rats are excellent climbers and can squeeze through tight spaces as wide as a nickel. They are highly adaptable and love to hide in the rafters in colonies. If left to their own devices, the damage from this rodent’s gnawing could start a fire or cause a power shortage if they chew on electric wiring.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Roof Rats On Your Property

You might think you have the best bait for roof rats on hand and that it will surely get rid of your Plano roof rat problem. However, a professional pest control company like All-Safe Pest & Termite has superior expertise on common household pests and uses methods to permanently keep them away from your home. Engaging roof rats and their nests yourself may lead to scratches, bites, and aggressive behavior.

Homeowners may become frustrated if rats won’t go near traps within a few days. Traditional snap traps may be helpful, but a pest control company technician can determine the best places to lay bait and lures to capture and remove rats. Roof rats are clever, which is why using a variety of different professional-grade rat control services and treatments is necessary.

Effective Prevention Tips To Keep Rats From Returning

Remove sources of food, water, and nesting materials for roof rats. Keep pests out by sealing off openings and repairing damaged areas that rodents use for access. 

Contact a dependable pest control removal company like All-Safe Pest & Termite to eliminate rodents and safely get rid of roof rats in your Plano home. After contacting All-Safe Pest & Termite, we’ll send a knowledgeable, friendly technician to inspect your property.

Our staff will point out roof rat runways, droppings, and weak points where the pests are entering the home. We work with Plano residents to ensure that roof rats are eradicated and offer follow-up services so they stay gone for good. Give All-Safe Pest & Termite a call today to make an appointment and get started on our effective rodent control services in Plano.

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