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How Carpet Beetle Infestations Can Start In Your Fort Worth Home

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While they are not the most dangerous critters, no one wants beetles in their Fort Worth home. Regardless of how frequently you vacuum and clean your home, you could have a beetle infestation.

Once the tiny oval-shaped bugs invade your home, they can be hard to eliminate. It would take the intervention of Fort Worth pest control professionals to control carpet beetles in your home. Understand the signs and risk factors of beetles in Fort Worth homes and take proactive pest control measures before they damage your belongings.

How To Identify Signs Of Carpet Beetles In Your Home

While tiny, carpet beetles are difficult to eliminate and cause extensive damage to furniture, upholstery, carpets, and even your clothes. Identifying a carpet beetle infestation before it escalates can prevent damage. Look out for the following signs of an infestation:

  • You see a carpet beetle: If you spot a carpet beetle climbing the walls or a dead one at the windowsills, it is a sign of infestation. 
  • Larvae and shed larval skin: Carpet beetle larvae in your home and shed larval skin are signs of a growing beetle population in your Fort Worth home. 
  • Fecal pellets: Carpet beetle larvae leave behind black or brown fecal matter the size of a grain of salt. 
  • Patches on carpets and rugs: Beetles larvae graze on fibrous materials like carpets causing fraying and leaving behind bald patches. 
  • Holes in clothes: Carpet beetle larvae feed on clothes leaving holes in groupings.

Carpet beetle larvae cause damage to fibrous materials and not adult beetles. Adult beetles stay close to light fixtures, but the larvae hide in dark areas.

The Damage Carpet Beetles Can Cause To Your Belongings

In addition to skin irritation and rashes, beetles on your Fort Worth property can cause damage to your belongings. While adult beetles often feed on plants outside, when they lay eggs inside your house, they hatch into larvae that use fibrous material as their food source.

The larvae feed on fibrous materials with keratin, wool, leather, felt, silk, and fur and don't feed on synthetic fabrics.

They will feed on your carpet, upholstered furniture, and clothing when they find their way into your wardrobe.

All The Ways Carpet Beetles Can Find Their Way Into Your Home

Carpet beetles enter homes through windows, doors, and other openings. They can also hitchhike into your home through furniture, carpets, or plants. Taxidermy animals for study or display are also popular spots for carpet beetles.

Carpet beetles and larvae can also end up in your home searching for food. Fabrics blended with wool can also attract carpet beetles into your home.

Other things that draw the beetles to your home are animal products, pet food, seeds, cereal, and other plant-based items.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles In Your Home

Managing a carpet beetle infestation alone can be challenging as it is difficult to eliminate the pest's infestation.

Look out for the common signs of infestation to control the situation before the beetle population grows, causing damage to your clothes, furniture, and other belongings. Due to their tiny bodies, they can hide in windowsills and other hidden spots in your home, making it easy for an infestation to go undetected.  

If you suspect an infestation in your Fort Worth home, the best approach to solving beetle problems is to let professionals handle it. Reach out to pest control experts at All-Safe Pest & Termite to inspect your home for different types of beetles, including carpet beetles, and determine the best treatment plan.

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