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Pill Bug Control In Frisco Made Simple

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a pill bug rolled up in the dirt

One of the more unusual types of pests homeowners in Frisco may notice on their properties are pill bugs. Because of the relatively mild winter weather in this region, pill bugs are generally active all year. Pill bugs are the lone type of crustaceans that live on land instead of in aquatic environments. Other kinds of crustaceans include crabs, lobster, and woodlice.

Are you wondering how to eliminate pill bugs? For safe and efficient pest control in Frisco, contact an experienced pest control specialist.  All-Safe Pest & Termite is a local team of skilled professionals that will safely expel these troublesome pests from the premises.

What Do Pill Bugs Look Like?

As adults, pill bugs typically measure 3/4 inch long and have a gray or brownish durable exterior shell. Based on some similarities, pill bugs are often misidentified as sowbugs. Pill bugs feed primarily on decomposing plant matter such as leaves, which is often considered beneficial in gardens; however, these pests are a nuisance that might enter your home.

Why do pill bugs roll up in a ball? When they feel threatened, pill bugs roll their bodies in a ball as a defensive reaction. In this position, the soft underside area of the arthropod is shielded. 

Where do pill bugs live in outdoor areas near homes? Area homeowners will often notice pill bugs around the base of the exterior near the foundation. Other common locations where you will find these pests are underneath rocks, fallen trees, trash cans, and other options—most commonly where ample moisture exists.

Are Pill Bugs Dangerous?

Pill bugs are nuisance pests that pose minimal risks to human health. Pill bugs may eat seedlings and roots, which could harm plants. Keep in mind that pill bugs have a strong reproductive capacity. Female pill bugs often generate two or three “broods” each year, consisting of hundreds of eggs.

How To Get Rid Of A Pill Bug Problem In Frisco

Are you looking for answers regarding how to eliminate a pill bug infestation? For existing problems with pill bugs, homeowners should make the smart move and contact a trained pest exterminator. A provider of residential pest control services is the best option for ousting these undesirable pests. The pros receive excellent training and know how to get rid of pill bugs completely.

Call The Professionals To Take The Headache Out Of Pill Bug Removal

What are the best products for expelling pill bugs in houses? Many homeowners try the mass-marketed home pest control options in local retail stores. Unfortunately, most of these do-it-yourself products generate limited results that simply prolong frustration. Seeking assistance from a pest management company is the best means of responding to these intrusions.

Our local experts with All-Safe Pest & Termite have many years of experience in the pest control industry. After an inspection, one of our technicians will explain the best treatment options for quickly eliminating pill bugs and other bothersome household pests.  

We now offer two ongoing pest protection options for homeowners in Frisco. The first is our Safe Select program, which is a terrific option for busy homeowners in the Frisco region. This plan offers superior exterior preventative treatment to keep the premises free of pests. Some of the pests targeted with this option include ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other unwanted creatures.

Our most comprehensive ongoing treatment plan is the Protection Plus program. This upgraded option includes all of the features of the Safe Select program and also adds a Termite Colony Elimination System. Some other pests that the Protection Plus program targets include earwigs, sowbugs, fleas, ticks, and many other troublesome pests.

For full-service home pest control solutions in Frisco, contact our office today.

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