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Why Do I Have Roaches In My Houston Home?

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We wake up in the morning, take a shower, get a hot pot of coffee brewing, and start a new, fresh day. As we make our way into the kitchen, the last thing we want to encounter are cockroaches. An experience with those oily, winged bugs can ruin your day. As you leave to drive to your job, you cannot help but wonder if those filthy creatures are crawling over the food in your pantry. 

So you can have peace of mind, you need the Houston pest control team from All-Safe Pest & Termite. We are a five-star Google-rated family-owned and operated company servicing the Houston area since 1984. 

How Can I Be Sure It Roaches In My Home?

No one wants to think they may have a cockroach infestation in their Houston home. Common cockroach species in Houston are American, German, Oriental, brown-banded, and smokey brown. These are signs of infestations of these cockroaches:

  • Pepper-like droppings on countertops or drawers
  • Fecal stains in corners, tops of doors, or around cracks in walls
  • Droppings with ridges and blunt ends
  • Egg capsules glued to surfaces or underneath furniture
  • Musty smell in areas of the home

If you find a cockroach in your house, you likely have an infestation because more are hiding in the shadows. 

Can Roaches In My Home Really Make Me Sick?

Yes, cockroaches can make you sick, and here is why. Cockroaches enjoy crawling over fermented, decaying food in garbage disposals, trash cans, and sewers; fecal matter from pets allures cockroaches too. Rotting food and animal droppings are ripe with bacteria, viruses, and parasitic worms. 

As the cockroaches walk over the refuse, the spines on their body pick up the pathogenes resting on the surface of the infected matter. Then, as they travel across kitchen countertops, cabinets, and other areas, the disease-causing organisms fall off and are later transferred to food and people. The pathogens cockroaches transport include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and E. coli infection.

Another way cockroaches may cause illness is through their bodily excretions. Children have had asthma attacks and allergic reactions triggered by the urine, fecal droppings, and saliva of cockroaches. 

If you find a cockroach in your house, many more are walking around while you sleep, potentially infecting surfaces and putting your family at risk. 

What Attracts Roaches Into My Home?

Cockroaches are attracted to Houston homes by the following:

  • Warmth: Cockroaches prefer temperatures between 70℉ and 80℉; however, the brown-banded cockroach prefers temperatures higher than 80℉.
  • Humidity: Most cockroaches prefer moist locations around bathroom and kitchen drains, leaky pipes, humid basements, and crawlspaces. The brown-banded cockroach is the exception; it prefers dry areas like kitchen cabinets, electronic equipment, and appliance motors. 
  • Darkness: Cockroaches live and create nests in dark, secluded areas, and they are most active at night in dark spots. 
  • Food: All cockroaches like rotting food, fecal matter, food crumbs, and more. The brown-banded cockroach's diet expands to high-starch items such as glue, boxes, drapes, and book bindings. 

If you want to get rid of cockroaches in your house, maintain a cleaning schedule, examine the basement or crawlspace for leaking pipes., and remove excess cardboard, magazines, and newspapers. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches?

Cockroaches multiply quickly, and they are hard to kill. For example, a cockroach may live up to one month without its head! For competent, quality cockroach pest control in Houston, you need our experts from All-Safe Pest & Termite. We will evaluate your situation, determine the exact cockroach species infesting your Houston home, and provide the appropriate strategic treatments.
Contact us today, and let us remove the cockroaches in your home so you can relax and enjoy life.

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