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Are You Struggling To Deal With Pesky Rodents In Houston?

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If you have pests like rodents scurrying about your home, it's impossible to live comfortably in Houston. Because rodents manage to hide in the darndest spaces and adapt to their surroundings, they certainly aren't easy to remove.

When homemade pest control solutions fail to capture or dissuade rodents from hanging out in your abode, it's time to get help. Learn more about the services offered by pest control in Houston, and take back your home from pesky rodents.

How Can I Tell If Rodents Are Damaging My Home?

When you live in a dynamic city like Houston, you need to know about native rodents in the area. So, what animals are considered rodents?

Here are some different Houston rodents that might invade your space:

Pests typically venture into your home seeking protection and warmth from the elements, food, or water. Look for chew marks and holes on baseboards, doors, and walls. Rodents may enter through gaps or holes in your foundation or roof or follow plumbing to gain entry.

You may discover signs of rodents like droppings, urine stains, or nesting material. Rodents may use insulation, newspaper, cardboard boxes, or shredded fabric to pad their home. Kitchens may have spilled over food, gnawed on bags and boxes, and greasy streaks along the edges of walls.

If you suspect rodents are in your Houston home, have a technician from All-Safe Pest & Termite do an inspection and create a custom treatment and prevention plan for pests.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rodents On My Property?

Although some rodents may look cute and cuddly from a distance, they may harbor bacteria or parasites that can make your family sick. It's not uncommon for rodents to bite or scratch if they feel threatened and transmit viruses that cause disease. Also, indirect or direct contact with live or dead rodents, droppings, and urine can cause illness.

Because rodents need to chew, they could spark a house fire if they damage electrical wiring. This chewing also contaminates food, ruins furniture, creates sizable holes, and damages insulation.

So, a rodent infestation can become very dangerous and destructive for many reasons. Protect your family and property, and have All-Safe Pest & Termite provide rodent pest control for your home.

Why Do I Have Rodents Inside My House?

Pests like rodents will risk invading your home if they find rich sources of food, water, or a safe space to nest.

How to get rid of rodents? Keeping a clean home and yard is essential to preventing pests on your property. Rodents that find places to nest, such as leaf piles and open garages, are more likely to venture into your home, as are those that find food or water sources near your home, like accessible garbage or leaky pipes.

If your home has leaky gutters and plumbing, cracks, and crevices in the foundation or walls, or open areas on the roof, rodents can use these as entry points. Take time throughout the year to inspect your home for areas that need repair or replacement. Caulk gaps, add door sweeps, and use weatherstripping around windows.

Be careful about pet food left out in the open, and keep dry goods in airtight containers that aren't easy to chew. Wipe up spills and crumbs, and keep an eye out for rodent activity in the kitchen, bathroom, attic, and closets. Keep clutter at a minimum and reduce hiding spaces for pests.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rodents In My House?

Don't allow rodents to gain a foothold in your property. You need an effective Houston rodent control solution if you care about the health and safety of your family.

All-Safe Pest & Termite has served the Houston area for over three decades, providing safe, eco-friendly pest control solutions. We at All-Safe Pest & Termite can give a free estimate for services and an overview of our different packages. Our technicians apply an optimal treatment plan to remove rodent pests and prevent them from returning. Call All-Safe Pest & Termite today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Houston, and get rid of rodents.

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