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The Trick To Effective Hornet Control For Houston Properties

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Wasps and other types of stinging insects plague property owners in this region each year, particularly during the warmest summer months. One of the most common types of wasps are hornets, which along with yellowjackets, are members of the Vespidae family. What is the difference between a wasp and a hornet?

Hornets tend to be larger than wasps and are usually less aggressive. Hornets also are social creatures, unlike wasps which may be solitary. The body of a hornet appears in colors including yellow, black, brown, or white, and they are hairless with narrow waists.

Are wasps pollinators? Many types of wasps are active in pollinating, and hornets are no exception; however, hornets are generally seen as primary predators. What do wasps eat? Hornets and wasps consume various insects such as spiders, flies, and beetles, which help to reduce the populations of these and other pests.

What is the difference between a wasp and a hornet's nest? While wasps construct nests above or below the ground, hornets are most likely to choose sites at high elevations.

What is the best way how to treat a wasp sting that is mild? Victims who are stung and experiencing minimal symptoms should wash the area to help clean out bacteria and venom and use ice or a cold pack to reduce any swelling.

The Dangers That Hornets Pose?

Hornets are considered to be less aggressive than many types of wasps but will attack when feeling threatened or when someone approaches their nest. The smooth stinger that a hornet has allows for stinging victims several times. Hornets can deliver a venomous sting that can be painful and create swelling. Those with an allergy may have more severe reactions.

People who experience significant allergic reactions should promptly seek professional medical assistance from those who know how to treat a wasp sting.

Best Practices For Preventing Them

What keeps wasps away from your property? Like most pests, a better first question might be, what do wasps eat? Hornets are attracted to areas that provide a water supply and plenty of insects that feed on the nectar of plants.

Other tips include:

  • Inspect the exterior of the property for the presence of any nests.
  • Keep tree branches, shrubs, and other vegetation well-trimmed back away from the exterior of the structure.
  • Limit the amount of flowering vegetation that is positioned close to the home.
  • Prevent pools of water by not overwatering gardens and landscaping, keeping gutters and downspouts clear, and fixing leaky spigots or hoses.
  • Repair any damage that exists to roofs, eaves, and overhangs that might be ideal nesting sites.

Do I Need A Pest Control Professional?

Some home and business owners attempt to purchase do-it-yourself treatment options from local Houston stores such as sprays and traps. Many of these options are promoted as a simple solution to rid the area of these pests; however, they often generate very mediocre results that create further frustration.

A trained pest controller understands what keeps wasps away from the premises. They will conduct a detailed inspection to determine the best way to eliminate these burdensome and potentially dangerous creatures.

Experienced Pest Control Company In Houston

The seasoned local professionals with All-Safe Pest & Termite have been delivering results for property owners in the Houston region for several decades now. Part of our enduring success results from a firm commitment to providing our customers with excellent customer service and backing our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our organization has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1993, and our customer-oriented approach has earned us an A+ rating.

We look forward to speaking with you to schedule a consultation.

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