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How Much Do You Know About Cigarette Beetles In Dallas?

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Word of mouth can sometimes be very useful. For example, you might be turned on to a great restaurant that way. When it comes to pests, you could discover ways to thwart them from coming into your Dallas home or business. For insects or creatures with infamous reputations, widely spread information is available. Those whose threats are downplayed or unknown aren’t discussed as much. Cigarette beetles are an example.

Residents generally don’t know a lot about cigarette beetles. They are among the critters who fester in stored goods. This can lead to awful experiences, especially for entrepreneurs who work in the distribution industry. Find out how these bugs operate and how you can prevent them with All-Safe Pest & Termite.

How Do Cigarette Beetles Look & Behave? What Are The Risks?

Cigarette beetles are extremely small, being less than an inch long. Their oval bodies appear humpbacked because their heads are naturally bent downward. They come in brown, red-brown, or yellow-brown. Hardened wings, serrated antennae, and covering fine hairs are a part of their distinctive features. The larvae are off-white in color and they have a worm-like look. Frequently these insects are confused with drugstore or furniture beetles.
Food processing plants, storage facilities, and packaging centers are often the targets of cigarette beetles. The adults get inside goods and release eggs. Once developed, the larvae will instantly begin feeding. Since they’re so tiny, reside within products, and blend in with most material, they aren’t detected before the inhabited merchandise hits a retail shelf. Grocery customers will unknowingly bring cigarette beetles home. Alternatively, the bugs are drawn in by outdoor lights. They’ll crawl through crevices in foundations, or open doors and windows. Cigarette beetles consume the following:

  • Upholstery stuffing
  • Grains and bread
  • Flour and cornstarch
  • Powdered milk
  • Dry goods and pet chow
  • Spices
  • Nuts and fruit
  • Candy
  • Dried flowers and tobacco, hence their name

Cigarette beetles can do major harm. While these critters aren’t known to cultivate disease, they can taint food with their feeding and fecal waste. Further, they usually leave behind their body parts in the matter. Considering that they reproduce at a rapid rate, they can be big trouble for property owners. Again, it’s hard to tell when the beetles have taken over, but there are things to look out for. Holes in or debris coming out of wrapping is a definite sign something is amiss. Another sign is seeing the adults flying or creeping around. You’ll need to discard anything they’ve infiltrated.

Are There Ways to Prevent Cigarette Beetles?

Given how cigarette beetles sneak in so easily, it seems like preventing them would be unachievable. As a businessperson or a homeowner, it’s confounding how these insects show up. The situation isn’t as bleak as it seems though. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Examine commercial items for rips and tears prior to purchase 
  • Don’t buy edible things in bulk
  • Either put food in the refrigerator or in a container with a form-fitting lid
  • Fare for domestic animals should be in a sealed metal can 
  • Ensure that the sweeps and screens for your doors and windows are intact
  • Doors and windows should stay shut as much as possible 
  • When not in use, turn off outdoor lights

How Will All-Safe Pest & Termite Exterminate Cigarette Beetles?

All-Safe Pest & Termite utilizes modern equipment and the latest techniques to eliminate cigarette beetles. Never fear, all of our solutions are 100% safe. Our technicians are highly trained, and we are members of national and local industry associations. We have cost-friendly and inclusive plans! Call us today for a free estimate!

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