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Dallas Pet Owner's Guide To Preventing Fleas & Ticks This Summer

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Many responsibilities come with owning a pet. Some are obvious, like daily feedings, watering, and other elements of general care. Other things might be less obvious, like protecting your furry friends from fleas and ticks. Both of these local bugs have a bad habit of biting pets and can be a big problem inside and around homes. If you are here today seeking answers for the fleas and ticks on your Dallas property, this is what you need to know about these pests and how to control them locally. Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite if you would like our assistance handling an active infestation of these annoying invaders. Our team offers many great options for pest control in Dallas and would be more than happy to find a service plan that works for you.

How Fleas & Ticks Threaten Our Furry Friends

Have you done your research on fleas and ticks? If you have, you might know that both of these local pests are a threat. Now, not all fleas and ticks are dangerous. It is only when these pests consume blood from a human or animal that has a blood-borne disease that they become a problem. If you or one of your pets is bitten by an infected flea, there is a risk of sickness. Flea-related dermatitis and flea tapeworm are two common diseases that negatively affect pets. There are also issues associated with general blood loss due to an excess of bites. Thankfully, there are ways for you to help your animals avoid the problems that fleas and ticks cause locally.

What Attracts Fleas And Ticks To Certain Yards?

Before we talk about prevention tips and how to get rid of fleas and ticks, we think you should know why these pests invade properties in the first place. Most often, these pests are carried around by local wildlife. If a deer, raccoon, squirrel, or other local creature wanders into your yard, they might drop a few of these parasitic pests off when they do so. Smaller wildlife like birds, rats, mice, and bats can carry fleas and ticks into homes. The same is true for your furry friends if they lack the proper protection to keep these pests off.

How You Can Protect Your Pets From Fleas And Ticks

There are two sides to protecting your pets against different types of fleas and ticks. We recommend starting with some form of self-protection. This might involve a flea/tick collar or some other form of preventative medication. Talk to your veterinarian to find out more about your options. To keep these pests off your property, try these preventative strategies.

  • Trim your grass regularly.
  • Keep up with general landscaping.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up.
  • Install a fence around your yard and garden.
  • Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed.

For more help keeping fleas and ticks off your property and away from your pets, talk with our team at All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn about our control options.

Struggling With Fleas And Ticks? Call The Professionals!

When it comes to tick and flea treatments, All-Safe Pest & Termite is your best choice for the job at hand. We are dedicated to your pest freedom and want to see your furry friends happy and healthy. All you need to do is let us know you are looking for quality pest control services. We will run you through your options and find a plan that will best solve your pest problems.

Contact All-Safe Pest & Termite to learn more and schedule an appointment for your Dallas home and property.

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