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How To Be Mosquito-Free In Sugar Land

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Lots of flying insects are problematic and annoying, and the mosquito is one of them. Sometimes there can be so many of them that you’ll be reluctant to go outdoors. Everyone knows that when these bugs bite you to drink your blood, it creates a red and itchy welt, but what many people don’t know is that mosquitoes can transmit diseases. Professional pest control in Sugar Land is the best way to protect yourself from these pests.

It can be hard getting rid of mosquitoes in Sugar Land, but it’s definitely possible. Continue reading to learn more about these insects and how you can prevent their populations from coming around. All-Safe Pest & Termite has ways to repel mosquitoes that are more effective than other options.

How To Identify A Mosquito

Mosquitoes in Texas are very small. Most are about ⅛ of an inch long. Among their physical traits are scaly wings and bodies, six thin legs, and a long proboscis, our mouthpart. There is little doubt you have an infestation on your property if you actually see the bugs or have bites on your body. The bumps will be red and swollen, as humans have reactions to a mosquito’s saliva. Mosquitoes often abound in areas with dense vegetation and near-standing water.

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquitoes Are Known To Spread

It’s untrue that all mosquitoes are a risk. Only those who’ve gotten blood from a sick animal or person are dangerous. Since you won’t be able to tell which bugs should be avoided, it’s wise to consider deterrence and management measures as a whole. These are diseases you can get from mosquitoes:

  • Zika virus
  • Malaria
  • Chikungunya 
  • Dengue 
  • West Nile virus
  • Yellow Fever

Fortunately, not all of these diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes in the United States, but it’s still possible to become ill after being bitten by a mosquito in Sugar Land.

Five Eco-Friendly Mosquito Prevention Tips For Around Your Yard

Lavender, Greek catmint, and citronella oils are just three natural ingredients that people use as home remedies for mosquitoes. Oftentimes, it will be mixed with water for a spray. The idea is to apply the blend to bushes, trees, and similar to discourage insects. It may work temporarily, but obviously, that won’t meet the need. These next five tips are better for prevention purposes:

  1. Remove standing water, such as drinking bowls for pets. For swimming areas, cover or drain them when not in use. 
  2. Cut your grass regularly. You should clip your plants and trees back as well.  
  3. Brush out debris from your gutters and vents.  
  4. Light candles that have essential oils. 
  5. Put out mosquito traps and clean them periodically.

Following these suggestions should make a positive impact, but the best solutions will be provided by a local pest control company.

The Most Effective Mosquito Control Solution For Your Yard

Folks think store-bought insecticides are a step up from “at-home” solutions, but they aren’t necessarily. They can be expensive and also have chemical hazards. We at All-Safe Pest & Termite offer affordable backpack misting services and unique In2Care trapping systems. These avenues are designed to eradicate mosquitoes safely and efficiently. Call or email today to get a free estimate!

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