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How To Keep Fleas And Ticks Away From Your Fort Worth Property

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up close image of a tick in dog fur

Although very different pests, fleas and ticks are often put in the same category, requiring hosts to survive. Fleas are tiny, about 1/8th of an inch in size, appearing as small dots without magnification. Many people think fleas might fly because they latch onto people and animals, but they don’t have wings and instead use their long back legs to jump.

On the other hand, ticks are about the size of an apple seed but can vary in size depending on the species. They have flat, oval bodies but will become round once they have fed. Ticks are also a part of the arachnid family, which means they have eight legs. Like fleas, ticks don’t fly but instead fall onto hosts as they pass by.

Many people think they are safe from fleas and ticks if they don’t have pets in their homes, but this isn’t the case. You can pick up these pests while out in nature and even in your yard. Because of this, you should be aware of the problems they cause and how to prevent them in Fort Worth, Texas.

Problems Caused By Fleas And Ticks

Like bed bugs, fleas and ticks are external parasites. However, they are different because they live on a host, whereas bed bugs don’t. Another difference is that bed bugs are not known to spread diseases, but fleas and ticks do. Diseases spread by these pests include:

  • Ticks: Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Fleas: Typhus, plague, and cat-scratch disease.
  • Both fleas and tick bites can lead to secondary infection, allergies, and rashes.

As stated, you don’t have to have pets in your home to be susceptible to these pests. You can pick them up while out in nature, from wild animals on your property, or even from second-hand items.

Preventing Fleas And Ticks

If you want to keep yourself and your family protected against fleas and ticks, you need to reduce the populations around your yard, deter wildlife, and protect yourself while out and about. To do this, try the following tips:

  • Remove bird feeders from your yard, and don’t leave any food out for animals.
  • Use stone or rock barriers between your yard and surrounding wood or grass areas.
  • Remove excess foliage, leaf piles, and keep the grass cut short.
  • Install screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps around all doors and windows.
  • Check used items for fleas before you bring them into your home.
  • Inspect yourself and your children after spending time outside.

If you have pests on your property, you will want to take these extra precautions to ensure their safety from these external parasites:

  • Work with a veterinarian to make sure your pets are on year-round flea and tick preventatives.
  • Vacuum where your pets sleep and spend the most time.
  • Be mindful of where your pets are spending time outside.
  • Inspect your pets before they come inside.

The best way to prevent these pests and keep you, your family, and your pets safe is ongoing professional assistance. 

Professional Flea And Tick Control

Need more advice or assistance for fleas and ticks? Contact the locally owned and family-operated All-Safe Pest & Termite. With fast response times and top-quality home pest control services, you can have a pest-free property. We offer two pest control programs to choose from, Safe Select Pest Control and Protection Plus Pest & Termite Control, plus we can provide green, low-toxicity treatment upon request. So don’t wait; contact us at All-Safe Pest & Termite for all your pest control needs.

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